Earthyboon Immuno Vita Ras Immunity Booster Pack of 2

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immune boosting
energy booster for women

Earthyboon Immuno Vita Ras Ayurvedic Syrup to Boost Immunity Naturally.

Made with herbal ayurvedic ingredients, it is a safe and strong immunity booster for everyone in your family and you. Consume with water daily to stay healthy and fit and fight diseases in the natural way. 

Earthyboon Immuno Vita Ras is an ayurvedic medicine for boosting the immunity power. It is made from the goodness of adaptogenic herbs which apart from building immunity helps in taking care of your overall health.

1. GILOI: Boost immunity, reduces stress and anxiety, and also improves digestion.  As it is a powerhouse of antioxidants that fight free-radicals, it keeps your cells healthy and gets rid of diseases.

2. MULETHI: An age-old herb, having anti-inflammatory properties treats chronic inflammatory diseases. Acts as a mild laxative, playing an effective role in stimulating bowel movements.

3. TULSI: Natural immunity booster, rich in antioxidants which help in mitigating stress and conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure. Tulsi leaves have volatile and fixed oils which can help fight allergies, infections, and pathogens.

4.  KULANJAN: Antioxidant,  Anti-inflammatory,  Antibacterial,  Antifungal, Antiviral in nature.

With the blend of Bhui Amla, Ashwagandha, Shankh Pushpi, Sonth, Moringa, Dalchini, Amalki, Kali Mirch, Pippali, and Lavang, along with the above-mentioned herbs this Ayurvedic Medicine has been prepared to keep you fit and active.

A strong and Healthy Immune System is a way to protect your body from infections. So, build your body's inbuilt defense system stronger with our Immuno Vita Ras today!

400ml per bottle.

energy booster for men
immune boosting
energy booster for women