EARTHY BOON Pure Clove Essential Oil 15ML for Toothaches, Joints Pain, Spirituality, Beauty & Focus

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EARTHY BOON Clove Oil is extracted from clove buds and it has warm, spicy aroma. EARTHYBOON clove oil is extracted naturally by steam distillation. It is 100% pure and undiluted. it has multiple health benefits but it is widely used for tooth ache and teeth pains. Also helps to restrict plaque and bacteria from building in your mouth. It can also be used for many other purposes. A few drops in your mopping bucket work well to keep the insects away. A few drops in your washing machine keeps your clothes fresh and infection free.

Contents - 15 ml clove oil

Greatly benefits in tooth aches and protect gums and mouth from infections.

Can be used to while washing clothes to keep insects away.

A drop in a glass of water used for swishing the mouth may reduce tooth ache and keep plaque from building.

Packed with the powerful health benefits .