Ways to increase daily water intake

Ways to increase daily water intake

Water is an important part of one's lifestyle, given its many uses. A person needs it to continue their everyday activities, whether for personal hygiene or other tasks.

But, the one thing that you need water most for is drinking it. There are many benefits of drinking water; nourishment, detoxification, sustenance, and more.

Indeed, a human's body is at least 60% made of water. As for the organs, the lungs contain 83% water, the brain 73%, the skin 64%, and so on.

So, not drinking enough would harm you.

 A lot of people get side-tracked and do not manage to drink as much as is needed. There are many steps you can take to actively drink more water every day and nourish your body.

The following are a few specific manners you can do so.

  1. Get a reminder app

In this day and age, you would find many applications on your phone to make your life easier. So, why not use one such app to keep a note of your water intake?

Certainly, you would find many apps on the internet that are great for tracking one's water intake. They come with reminders that notify you when it is the right time to drink the next glass.

Therefore, if you have a busy schedule or do not always remember to drink water on time, this would help.

Not to mention, many of these apps have certain extra features that would make your life easier. For example, they come with activity trackers, set a target water amount for your body weight, give a choice for your preferred container type, and more.

Overall, you would have an easier time while using this.

  1. Try flavored water

Another way to drink more water is to increase the taste quality of the water. Indeed, many people deliberately do not drink enough water because they do not particularly like the bland taste. Most of the time, the people in this concern are the younger generations.

Thus, you need to take some steps to improve their interest in drinking water. And flavored water often does the trick. Many companies are producing such options at the moment, and they are not unhealthy either. So, you can trust these types.

  1. Invest in the right bottle

There are a lot of good bottles available that you can buy. In fact, some of them come with technological features, too, like a reminder to drink or refill. So, if you buy one such product, that would only help you drink a good amount of water every day.

Sure, a lot of these bottles are expensive, but the features are worth the cost. Plus, their appearance is quite attractive too, with sleek design and variety in choices.

On the other hand, if you do not want to spend a lot of money, you can instead opt for bigger bottles. They hold more water, so you do not have to refill too many times when you carry them to your regular work or school areas. Plus, they would take longer to finish compared to the smaller bottles.

  1. Drink water after each bathroom break

After you go to the bathroom to relieve yourself, you should remember to drink water right afterward. It will help if you keep a full bottle or glass of water a little distance from your bathroom. So, when you get out of the bathroom, the bottle would appear in your eye-line. And then, you can drink a little bit of water.

  1. Set a water intake goal

Before you go ahead with any of the other mentioned methods, both priorly mentioned and upcoming, you should decide on a goal. Without a doubt, that would help you know exactly how much water is necessary for you.

If you generally do not drink a lot of water, this would motivate you to change your ways.

Plus, this stokes competitive feelings in many people, and they want to meet their goals more frequently. So, they drink the right amount of water each time. When you wonder how to drink water correctly, follow the doctor-recommended quantity of 32 ounces per day.

Following a measured and realistic intake amount in your plan would help you drink enough every day. Also, for the best outcome, you should keep a record of your progress over the days.

  1. Drink water before every meal

Another measure you can take is drinking small amounts of water before every meal that you have. Indeed, adopting this particular habit would help you drink a lot of water in total. You do not have to drink a bottle full of water in each turn, either.

For this tactic, take a glass full of water and drink it before breakfast, dinner, and lunch. If you have snacks in the evening, drink a glassful during that period as well. Make sure that the glasses are not small-sized, though.

After that, if you drink a glass of, say, 240 ml before eating, you would have drunk around 960 ml after four meals.

That is a respectable amount, and you do not have to set a reminder separately. One of the increased water intake benefits of using this method is that it would help with your weight loss regime.

Filling yourself with water before eating would make you feel fuller. So, you would eat less compared to when on an empty stomach.

All in all, start doing this each day, and soon, it would become a habit.

  1. Sip a little throughout the entire day

To get the right amount of water intake for the day, you can start with a little sip of water. Do so at a few minutes' intervals throughout the day. Overall, with the regular glasses of water you drink, this would add to the full intake amount.

For example, sip a little water after you wake, before having breakfast, during breakfast, after completing it, and so on. In case you are someone who does not like to drink a lot of water in one go, this would work for you.

  1. Get a glass for each hour of work

Of course, as an adult, you would have many responsibilities, like a regular 9-to-5 job. Even if you work somewhere without a set time limit, you would still have a busy schedule with specific duties.

Owing to the pressures of work, the chances are that you would forget to drink water in the middle.

Therefore, set a water drinking schedule as well. Drink at least a glass of water after each hour of work. This way, you would drink a total amount that is enough to sustain your body activities.

For the appropriate water intake, maintaining a consistent drinking pattern would help you. And having your timeline broken into hours would allow you to get said consistency.

  1. Eat moisture-rich food

As a matter of fact, food contains the necessary nutrients like vitamins, fiber, etc. Many fruits and vegetables have a high level of water in them too. In fact, at least 20% of the water you get comes from what you eat.

Hence, if you add them to your diet, that would help you extra.

Some of the common items with a high over-90% water content include:

  • Zucchini-94%
  • Celery- 95%
  • Cauliflower- 92%
  • Cabbage- 92%
  • Cucumber- 95%
  • Lettuce- 96%
  • Cantaloupe- 90%
  • Watermelon- 92%

Not only are they high in water, but they also have other healthy components like antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. And the fact that you would get a variety of tastes too is a great bonus, for sure.

  1. Switch soda with water

Many people drink a lot of sodas every day. While they are a liquid and are refreshing, they do not contain any health benefits. In fact, they are high in sugar content and empty calories

This is something that you should avoid.

Instead, opt for mineral water or sparkling water to quench your thirst. This is the healthiest way to drink water, and these types would not harm your body either.

  1. Equal ratio of water and alcohol

Say you are out at a party and your friend offers you alcohol. If you enjoy the occasional glass of alcohol, you will accept it. And you would have a fun time all together.

However, in water intake, this is not the best plan since alcohol quickly dehydrates your body.

So, if you do not want to avoid drinking alcohol, you should drink a glass of water simultaneously. This would keep your body hydrated and also lessen the hangover the next day.

  1. Get a filter

Having a filter at your home would make sure that you drink enough water when at home. Not only would this strain the impurities out of the water, but it also comes with measured levels.

So, you can drink water whenever you want, and it would be safe.

Plus, considering you spent a lot of money on such a water intake calculator, more than likely, you would want to get full use of it. Therefore, getting a filter would act as a motivator too.

  1. Refill regularly

Keep a bottle near you that you always drink from. And fill it up each time it finishes. Thus, you would have enough water for the day overall. Since it would stay close to you, you can reach for it whenever you are thirsty.

If you want, you can mark the water levels on the bottle too.


To get enough water every day, you need to take these steps. It would help you increase your overall water intake. Following a schedule would help you on this matter, so keep a record of how much drink.

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