Ten types of getting slim juice that would help you lose weight

Ten types of getting slim juice that would help you lose weight

Juices are the go-to choice for many for nutrition, refreshment, and even weight loss. It has been popular in the fitness world for many years. Honestly, there are many reasons why that is so.

The right plan, however, does not involve only depending on the liquid diet though. You can complement it to your everyday diet or opt for herb-based juice diets for a few days.

There are many benefits to juicing. They help haste up the weight loss process and detoxifies the body from within itself.

A major benefit of drinking healthy get slim juice is that it contains a lot of good elements. The freshly-made juices have a wide range of minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, and fibre content.

These components, in their way, speed up the metabolism in the body and assist in burning more calories.

Besides helping you lose weight, the juices made of healthy herbs, vegetables, and fruits aid in other health benefits as well.

Thus, this is a good plan to consider when you desire to lose weight. Many natural ingredients are usable for this. In this article, you would learn about them and their uses in more detail.

Types of weight loss juices to try

Indeed, you can juice many types of natural ingredients and then drink them daily. Some recipes include more than one such ingredient, therefore ensuring a high level of benefits.

If you plan to add an effective weight loss drink to your regular food intake, the following natural ingredients are worth considering.

1.       Carrot Juice

One of the most advantageous choices you can try for a healthy and quick weight loss is carrot juice. Carrots are rich in fibre and have low amounts of calories in them.

When you drink a glass of carrot juice in the morning, you would feel full until the lunch hour rolls around. This would save you from resorting to unhealthy snacking in the middle.

Experts think that it is good to consume carrot without cooking or processing them in some manner. Instead, consume the raw carrot as a juice, and you would get its many nutrients quickly.

One of the best uses of it, besides helping with weight loss, is detoxifying the body. When you have this juice, it will flush out the present toxins from within. However, add half an orange, one apple, and a little bit of ginger to the recipe for the best effect.

In the concern of weight loss, carrot juice helps enhance the amount of bile secretion in the body. This, in turn, burns fat molecules faster and facilitates weight loss.

Therefore, try this nutritious option to obtain a fit body healthily.

2.       Triphala juice

There are many healthy fruits available that would help with reducing weight naturally. Triphala, a combination of three fruit-based ingredients, Amalaki, haritaki, and bibhitaki, helps improve your health condition.

It was a common remedy in Ayurveda medicine for many medical conditions in the ancient period. Some of the common symptoms helped soothe dental cavities and stomach issues.

There are studies available that suggest that Triphala juice is a good juice for fat loss concerns.

One of the studies included rats, who consumed a high-fat diet and Triphala, and mice, who consumed only the high-fat diet. Among them, the rats lost more body fat and body weight.

Similarly, another trial included 62 adults suffering from obesity. A percentage of them were given the dose of 10 gram of Triphala powder every day. Others were given placebo treatment. Later, the Triphala-dosed group lost a higher weight, specifically in the hip and waist regions.

When you have this juice, your digestive system will work stably. Plus, this juice would cleanse your body of toxins as well. For the best effect, add guggul extract to your Triphala churna juice.

Mix it in a glass of hot water and have the juice half an hour before having breakfast. Also, at night, you should drink another glass of it two hours after completing dinner.

3.       Karela juice

Sure, this is not the tastiest option, but bear with us. Karela, or bitter gourd, sure does have a lot of healthful qualities that you would appreciate.

Plus, above all, it is a great booster for weight loss.

When you drink karela juice, it will stimulate your liver to secrete the natural bile acids quickly. This helps increase the metabolism of fat, and thus, you should drink this every day.

Not to mention, the total amount of calorie content in karela is not very high. There are only 17 calories present in approximately 100 grams of karela.

Therefore, in the concern of weight loss regime, this juice is highly effective.

4.       Pomegranate juice

Another effective option for a healthy diet plan is pomegranate. Indeed, this fruit has a lot of nutrients that would affect your health in helpful ways.

For one thing, it is rich in different elements like polyphenols, conjugated linolenic acid, and even antioxidants. They all are effective in breaking fat molecules down and would boost your inner metabolism as well.

As a result, having pomegranate juice would aid you in your weight loss efforts. Not to mention, you would feel less hungry while still feeling refreshed.

5.        Cucumber juice

One of the best healthy options for losing weight is cucumber, which has a very low-calorie content. This is because cucumber has a high amount of water content within it, i.e., approximately 96%.

So, when you are trying to drop weight, this is an effective ingredient that you can turn into juice.

Due to the high water content, you would feel fuller after consuming a cucumber. The fibre content in this would also make you feel less hungry for longer.

Therefore, make juice out of it, adding a little bit of lime juice and mint leaves to add extra taste. Overall, this is a wonderful choice to have during the summer.

6.       Amla Juice

When you wake up in the morning, have a glass full of amla juice daily.

Overall, there are many ways in which adding this to your everyday routine would help your physique. It is highly effective in stabilizing healthy digestion in the body. Amla helps metabolize food as well, and the antioxidants within this protect against many health risks.

This fruit is high in Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Calcium, and Iron. Thus, when you have gooseberry juice every morning, it would benefit many of your body functions. Plus, your energy would stay high throughout the day.

Experts say that it is best to drink this juice fresh in the morning and before eating any food. For extra taste, you can put in a little bit of honey for natural sweetness.

7.       Cabbage juice

One of the most advantageous natural elements for digestion is cabbage. Thus, when you are trying to reduce your overall weight, you can have this in juice form.

This vegetable is good for recovering many health issues like indigestion and bloating in the stomach. It helps clear the digestive tract and allows for faster digestion.

Therefore, while cabbage would not directly cause weight loss, it would indirectly aid in the process.

Of course, it does have high fibre content, and that would reduce your appetite. However, while the juice would contain most of its nutrients, you should not drink this daily.

You can add juices of apple, beetroot, or lime into your cabbage juice as for the taste. Raw cabbage is not easy to drink due to its original unpalatable taste.

It is important to mention that those who have IBS or are taking particular medicines should avoid this choice. Also, it would help if you discussed this with your doctor first.

8.       Orange juice

For many people, orange juice is one of the favourite juices to have in the morning. Not only is it highly tasty, but it also possesses many healthy nutrients.

The fruit has low-calorie content in it, which is very useful for your weight control goal.

Therefore, have orange juice every day, and feel healthy, fit, and refreshed afterwards.

9.       Watermelon juice

Among the natural options for weight loss, watermelon is one of the best choices available. It is high in amino acid arginine content, which would help your body lose weight faster.

Not to mention, the fruit itself does not have a lot of calories within it. If you have 100 grams of watermelon, that much fruit portion holds around 30 calories approximately.

10.  Pineapple juice

When you are trying to lose weight from your belly region, having a glass of pineapple juice would surely help you. Indeed, the main reason for that is the quantity of bromelain enzyme is this fruit.

The main way the enzyme works is that it metabolizes the protein molecules from your consumed food. As a result, the fat content in your stomach region breaks down as well.

This particular enzyme works well with another named lipase, and together, they would reduce your appetite.

Not to mention, pineapple has negative calories within it. So, when you drink its juice, your body would use up many calories to break down the fruit. But, since it does not contain enough calories itself, the energy your body exerts would assist in fat reduction instead.


All in all, naturally made juices are highly beneficial for many health functions, including weight management. However, before you depend on any entirely, discuss your meal plan with your doctor. While the juices are helpful, a good diet and exercise regime are also important.

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