Supplements and Herbs that Improves Heart Condition

Supplements and Herbs that Improves Heart Condition

Heart diseases, especially high cholesterol levels and blood pressure, are becoming a chronic disorder and leading threat to human health these days. As per surveys, at least 655,000 people in the U.S. die each year due to heart problems.

Poor lifestyle and eating habits are two of the primary reasons behind this.

However, by following the right steps, like following a healthy diet and proper exercise, you can keep your heart healthy. You can use some herbal medicine for the treatment of cardiovascular disease as well. However, these are not proven cures.

Here are some of the supplements and herbs that you must consume to maintain your heart health.

  • Multivitamins and Minerals

    When consumed in the right proportions, multivitamins and minerals can improve your heart condition. However, the dosage varies depending on the health condition. Keeping whole foods as the primary source of nutrients, people still face a shortage of essential nutrients.

    If you have heart disease and maintain a healthy food habit, it is necessary to take multivitamins. They contain all the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to make up for the nutrition shortage in your body.

    It is impossible to take all the vegetables and fruits for good heart health. Here, the multivitamins come to the rescue. Supplements work in filling the gaps. It is important to understand that good supplements cannot replace nutrition in foods.

    Few studies have shown that supplements are the best and cost-effective way of supporting heart health. Multivitamins and minerals contain folic acid, vitamin D, potassium, and other minerals important for heart health.

    • Coenzyme Q10

      Also termed as CoQ10, Coenzyme Q10 is similar to essential vitamins. Every cell consists of CoQ10, which it uses for producing energy necessary for cell growth. Apart from that, it even works as an antioxidant as well.

      Antioxidants play a significant role as it protects the body from damage due to harmful molecules. When it comes to maintaining heart health, Coenzyme Q10 plays a crucial role in protecting your health. Although it is present in every food, the quantity is quite less.

      However, organ meats, especially kidneys, liver, and heart, are rich in Coenzyme Q10. Apart from that, soy oil, peanuts, beef, and mackerel are rich in Coenzyme Q10. It supports body enzymes in protecting skeletal muscles as well as heart health.

      Also, it prevents heart failure, increases energy, and aids in quick recovery from exercise. People even consume it for lowering some medicinal effects, especially on the heart and other organs.

      • Fiber

      Including more fiber-rich foods in your diet is the best way by which you can get your daily fiber needs. However, if you are allergic to fiber-rich foods, you can always opt for fiber supplements. While buying fiber supplements, make sure that the supplement has soluble and insoluble fiber in it.

      Also, make sure to increase your water intake, especially while having fiber supplements. You can take Psyllium fiber since it is effective in reducing cholesterol levels. However, you have to maintain a low cholesterol diet that has minimum saturated fat.

      Psyllium is effective mainly as a laxative as it works on constipation problems as well as bowel irregularity. Taking Psyllium daily can help you in working on your heart health. One thing that you should be aware of, though, is not to buy laxatives. Both Psyllium and laxatives promise to regulate bowel patterns.

      • Omega-3 fatty acids

      It is a polyunsaturated fatty acid found in fish oils, vegetables, and various other plant sources. Since your body does not make it; thus, it is best if you take omega-3 supplements. Fish oil supplements are quite effective enough in maintaining heart health.

      Want to know how; well it helps in decreasing your body's production of triglycerides. You must be aware that high triglyceride levels cause coronary artery disease, stroke, etc. When taken with a daily diet and proper exercise, it reduces the triglyceride levels in your blood.

      Many double-blind studies showed that people having chronic heart failure showed improvements. Apart from that, the fish oil supplements reduced the number of patients hospitalized for sudden heart attacks.

      Hence, it is better to add Omega-3 supplements to your diet if you want to maintain your heart health. Besides, you can also eat fatty fish like tuna, salmon, mackerel, etc. Flax seeds and chia seeds are also good vegan options.

      • Magnesium

      A diet deficient in magnesium can lead to severe heart diseases. Various researches have shown that magnesium has a link to cardiovascular diseases for over forty years. It is also one of the best natural remedies for heart valve problems.

       In an adult human body, there is around 24g of magnesium content. Out of this,  50-60% resides in the bones and the rest in the tissues.

      Low magnesium levels cause high blood pressure, cholesterol, calcium deposits in the soft tissues, etc.

      Apart from that, deficiency of magnesium leads to arterial plaque build-up and even cholesterol. Due to this reason, it is a good idea to opt for magnesium supplements. It is because magnesium supplements come with different mineral combinations.

      Magnesium supplements have magnesium gluconate, magnesium sulfate, and other essential minerals. However, if you have kidney troubles, you have to stay alert with magnesium supplements.

      It is better to consult with your doctor regarding including magnesium supplement adding to your diet. People having kidney troubles must take magnesium in limited quantities.

      • L-Carnitine

      It is mainly an amino acid that transports fat to mitochondria. Mitochondria is a part of the cell that uses fat for making energy. It is important to understand that proper energy production supports proper heart health.

      Various studies found that L-Carnitine helps in improving heart functioning and even reduces the symptoms of angina. L-carnitine supplements help in improving mitochondrial function and work on maximizing cellular energy. Apart from that, it also works on improving the body's metabolism.

      Due to this reason, athletes use it as it helps in fat burning, works on preventing muscle fatigue, etc. With growing age and poor lifestyle, your heart has to suffer from various issues, especially cholesterol.

      Hence, most doctors recommend taking L-carnitine supplements since it keeps your heart-healthy. Besides, it helps in improving your heart conditions and keeps cholesterol away.

      • Green tea

      For centuries, people have been using green tea for various purposes. From improving the body's metabolism to reducing body fat, it helps in enhancing good body health. Due to this reason, people have been taking green tea for years.

      Apart from improving the body's metabolism, it also helps in lowering cholesterol levels. Besides, it also helps control LDL cholesterol levels, which is necessary for keeping your heart healthy.

      You will come across many green tea supplements in the market that is useful for working on your heart conditions.

      • Garlic

      You might think that garlic is only useful for making foods tasty, but it has other roles to play. You can consume garlic as heart-strengthening supplements; it helps in controlling blood pressure. Apart from that, it prevents fatal coronary heart diseases.

      It effectively prevents blood clotting as well, which at times leads to strokes and heart attacks. Hence, it is best to include garlic supplements in your daily diet to keep your heart healthy.

      • Turmeric

      One of the best herbs to strengthen heart muscle is turmeric. It contains curcumin that has scientifically proven to work on heart conditions. It helps keep the lining of your blood vessels healthy; thus, preventing blood clotting and regulating blood pressure.

      It also improves conditions like clogged arteries. Due to this reason, it is best to consume turmeric supplements with your daily diet. Also, turmeric helps in reducing bad cholesterol, lowers inflammation.

      • Cinnamon

      It is undoubtedly the most delicious spice that adds aroma and taste to desserts and breakfast recipes. For years, cinnamon has been in the kitchen for its outstanding smell, and it has various medicinal properties as well.

      Among all the other properties, cinnamon comes with various medicinal properties. One of them includes reducing unhealthy cholesterol levels and controlling pressure. Many studies showed that adding cinnamon powder to dishes can lower heart disease. Thus, it is considered one of the most effective medicinal plants that can be used to treat heart-related problems.

      • Ginger

      Ginger can be one of the mind-blowing additions to salads, baked items, and even tea. Indian cuisine swears by the flavor and aroma of ginger. Consuming ginger daily helps in controlling blood pressure, keeps blood vessels away from clogging. It also aids in reducing cholesterol levels.

      Daily intake of ginger with salads or with tea helps in preventing hardening of arteries. Thus, if you want to stay away from heart attacks and strokes, it is best to intake ginger. An effective herb that helps in treating various heart disorders.

      • Coriander

      The pleasing aroma and the essence, which coriander adds to dishes, is undoubtedly mind-blowing. People taking coriander with their food enjoy a healthy heart and fewer heart diseases. Also known as cilantro in the U.S., coriander and cilantro are the same and are derived from the same plants.

      It prevents risk factors like high cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure. Coriander is an excellent diuretic that aids in removing extra sodium or excess fluid from your body. Moreover, it will help in keeping blood pressure under control.

      • Cayenne

      You can always add a dash of spice like Cayenne to your food for good heart health. Yes, it helps in proper blood flow through your body.

      It contains Capsaicin, a compound that helps in keeping blood pressure levels under check. Thus, better blood flow, as well as low blood pressure, means a healthy heart.

      Overall, maintaining a good heart is very important. Consuming these supplements along with heart-healthy herbs will no doubt bless your heart with good health.

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