How to improve my eyesight naturally?

How to improve my eyesight naturally?

The year 2020 definitely disconnected us from the real world in terms of traditional ways. Children were kept away from school, board room meetings, were not held, hanging out with friends was not allowed and basically, we were all shut out from the world. But no, we may be disconnected in the traditional ways but we were still connected to our loved ones through the amazing technology called the internet.


Schooling turned to online classes, Board meetings turned to zoom calls, work from office turned to work from home and park meetings turned to never-ending ludo sessions. Don’t worry you are not the only one who has been using your phone day in and day out during the lockdown it is most of us. Everything from buying groceries to meeting friends was happening and instantly all our screen times have increased too. I had started working out also on a video call with my trainer. I may be building my biceps still I am downgrading my eye muscles. But wait, do you want to know my little secrets which helped me maintain positive and good eye health?


Okay, only if you insist, but let’s keep it a secret between us. Shhhh!!


Taking care of eyesight needs to be the primary concern, especially during these times of increased screen exposure.


Excessive use of screens is harmful, but did you know there are plenty of reasons that can damage your eyesight. From your genes to the use of chemicals anything can be the reason.


You: Oh, Really? I did not know this.


Me: Yes, but it is a no brainer that in the last ten years people wearing spectacles have increased to 4 times more than what it was before 2010. These may be because of smartphones and social media.


You: How do I know that my eye health is deteriorating?


Me: There are a few symptoms which can look if your eyes are bothering you.


You: Please, tell me.


Me: Of course, some of them are

  1. Lazy eye syndrome
  2. Watery eyes
  3. Red eyes
  4. Itchy eyes
  5. Headache or migraine


You: What should I do, if I notice any such symptoms?


Me: You should get your eyes to check on time.


You: Okay. Thank you. But like you mentioned, are there any measures to restore or maintain my eye health?


Me: I like this question. Yes, there are ways in which you can make sure that you have good eye health.


You: Wow!! That is amazing. Please tell me.


Me: Yes. Natural light always helps in many ways. Vitamin D is also essential which is why to try to and take a break.


Our screens contain artificial and blue light that can affect your eyes, so you can avoid using your screen in a dark room and make sure you have some light coming from the back.

Also, did you know your posture helps in improving your eyesight?


Your posture works wonders for your eyes, always check that your eyesight and the screen is one line and not bending. Make sure you look horizontal when working on a computer screen, just like shown below.




You: Wow!! It is helpful. Tell me more.


Me: Well, when I was doing my research for eye health, I had a look into modern medicine as well the ancient ayurvedic medicine. While modern medicine doctors usually suggest surgery, there are a lot of proofs in Ayurveda that give 100% guaranteed results. Modern medicine doctors do not accept this, but it is a thousand-year-old fact.


You: I believe in the power of Ayurveda too. Can you please guide me here?


Me: Of course I can. I have adapted these few natural methods and practices in my daily life which have been helpful and I hope they work for you too.


  • Eyewash: Many of us after waking up splash our eyes with water but what can be much more effective is filling your mouth with water which expands the eye muscles properly. Now splashes cold water on your eyes a few times which will be giving an instant cooling effect to your eyes. No, this is not it. There is more. If you want to get rid of your spectacles, then the next step will be the rose water wash. For this, you need an eyewash cup which is available easily. I will also link it down below. It is easy to use and very safe.


Put about 15 drops of pure Gulab Jal along with cold water in it and place it on your eye gently. Make sure the water does not spill. Now, open your eyelid so the water touches the surface of your eye. Try moving your pupil in all directions so the water gets circulated all over the eye. Let it be for one whole minute and then remove the cup. Pour the water out, wash the cup and refill it with Gulab Jal and cold water and repeat the same process for the other eye. Done, you instantly feel refreshed and relaxed and your eyewash routine is complete.

Benefit: Calms down inflammation which is the root cause of eyesight issues


  • Eye tonic: Now that the cleansing of the eyes is over from the outside, what we need to do is give your eyes the essential food it needs and here’s why the homemade powerful eye tonic. It helps restore the lost vision.



7 Soaked or peeled Gurbandi (Locally grown in India) almonds.

Four seeds of black pepper and you can sweeten it with thread mishri.



Put all it together and crush it with the help of a mortar and pestle and not a mixer grinder. Crush all the three ingredients together to form a smooth paste.

Place a pan on low flame and pour one glass of cow milk in it. Mix the crushed paste and let it boil for 10 minutes and pour it in a glass without using a strain.

Drink slowly sip by sip and let it nourish the eye cells


It helps in restoring the lost vision. It's advised to not eat or drink anything for one whole hour after having this powerful drink.


You: Got it. How can I take care of my eyes when I am sitting in front of the screen 10 hours a day?


Me: Well, even though excessive screen exposure can be damaging for your eyes, you cannot ignore the fact that we are in a digital age and there is a possibility that your job is to sit in front of a computer screen and work. There a few measures that can be taken to revive the eyesight and helps in maintaining good eye health. What are the measures you ask? Well, let me share with you some of the proven measures to revive the eye health.


  • Take breaks every forty-five minutes from your laptop and phones screen and close your eyes for a while and sip water before you get back to work.
  • While working, rub your palms together and place it on your eyes to warm your eyes up.
  • Use free time to press some acupressure points on your palm. Move your pupils around that helps in the movement of the eye muscles.
  • Make it a habit Wash your eyes by first filling your mouth with water whenever you go to the washroom.
  • Avoid walking barefoot as it weakens the eye muscles.
  • Blink more often prevents drying of eyes.
  • Sleep in a dark room and avoid dim lights as well.
  • Protect your eyes from the heat by wearing sunglasses
  • Consume one amla daily as it is excellent for your eyes
  • Use screen guard to protect your eyes.
  • Practice Sarvaang Asana which increases the blood circulation

Pic of Sarvaang Asana 

Daily food intake can also affect your eyesight. Food items rich in vitamins comforts your eyes. Add these eye strengthening food like Beetroot, Carrots, Almonds, Pistachio, Spinach, Eggs with yolk, Pumpkin, citrus fruits, berries, food rich in Omega 3 in your daily diet for superior results.


You: Thank you so much for all this helpful information. I have one more question. What if I want some instant results to reduce stress from my eyes?


Me: It is my pleasure. For this, you could always put frozen cucumber slices, cold rose water cotton pads, cold tea bags which reduce inflammation. You can try a few exercises as well.


Eye rotation: 

Rotate your eyeball clockwise and anti-clockwise 3 times each side. Make sure you do not overdo it.

Pencil/pen test

Stare at the tip of a pencil or pen from a distance and move it closer to your eyes, keep repeating for 3-5 times.

Side to side

Stretch your eye in each corner for 2 sec and move back in centre, keep doing for a couple of times.

Eye blinking

While you are blinking your eyes ensure to blink your eyes for at least 10 min looking at nature.

The 20 ft rule

Look away at the farthest point after every 30 minutes looking at the screen for 1 min.

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