How to enter 2021 Stress free and with a stronger immune system?

How to enter 2021 Stress free and with a stronger immune system?

What have been the two words that have been used in 2020 apart from Corona and Trump? I hope you have guessed it right, its immunity and mental health. But how many of you actually know that your stress and anxiety is the main reason that is affecting your immune system and in turn your immunity? Yes, you heard that right. Stress, fear, anxiety all of these affect your overall health and especially your immune system.


2020 has been the year where everyone was simply focused on increasing their immunity or building their immune system because of the corona virus. From staying away from the deadly virus or recovering from the virus, from steam inhalations to kadha’s these words became a regular conversation in not just Indian households but all over the world as well. Children who used to run away from milk had become the ones running after their parents and grandparents to ask them to have turmeric milk and hot water- An iconic role reversal. 


But 2020 was also the year where fear, stress and anxiety were building in everyone’s heads so much so that all the Haldi doodh and Kadhas could not suffice the effect it had on the immune system. Stress and fear became the permanent member of every household and the uncertainty of it all was just the cherry on top of the cake.


To understand why all of this building up of stress and fear was happening we need to understand what stress actually is and can its existence matter?


Let me tell you a little secret, we have all heard that every action has an equal and opposite reaction and that is it. Stress is not real, it does not come to you just because it is boring or it needs some entertainment. It comes to you as a thought and that thought reciprocates into the feeling of stress and fear and guesses what none of this is real because you have no control over the result, what you have control over is how you react to it. Let me explain this to you in very-very simple words.


Let’s say your child, have exams coming up and you are constantly stressed about how he is going to do? Whether he will pass? Whether he will fail? Or what if he does not clear his entrance exam? All of these are stories and situations your mind builds from the day your child starts writing his exams till the day of result. But guess what, all of this is useless and not real because you have no control of what is going to happen but what you have control over is having your peace of mind, helping your child do his best and most importantly being the pillar to your child and being his anchor when the ship is sinking.


Fear, stress and anxiety all of these are the three peas in a pod. Throughout our life we have heard “Dar ke aage jeet hai” But no it should be “Dar ke aage BAD IMMUNITY hai”


Now you may be wondering if all of this has any scientific facts backing it. It may surprise you to know so, but YES it does have scientific facts. Stress is scientifically related to the immune system and here is how. We all know that our body produces hormones when we are happy called the happy hormones which consist of serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins and similarly it also produces stress hormones called the cortisol. When you are stressed and in a constant state of fear cortisol hormones goes up which results in the fluctuations of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone hormones which in turn affects the building of the immune system.


So, now that we have established Stress free Mind= Immunity Booster, here are a few tips that can help you lead a stressful life and enter 2021 with a whole new mindset. Whether fear of exams, fear of corona, fear of the new mutant or fear of life in general; these tips can help you control your stress and fear to the maximum.


Staying Grounded: Being grounded I life gives our life a whole other perspective. Having multiple thoughts in your head and no way of organizing those thoughts can be very destructive to one’s self. Not staying grounded is like the sinking ship in the ocean that has lost its anchor and become self-destructive.


Ability to dismiss negative thoughts: I know you can’t be positive all the time. There are negative thoughts, like anger, lust, stress, fear, frustration that will come to your mind but it is how you deal with it and try and dismiss it that matters. As the saying goes "It is not what you have that counts, but what you choose to do with what you have is that matters"


Use your mind the good way: Mind is both a dangerous tool and an amazing tool; it is what you feed it that will matter. If you are feeding it all the negatives, it will be the reason you go down in life but if you feed it the positive parts about the life, it will be why you will succeed and grow.

Have focus: Focus in life is important for all the areas, for studies, for work, for family and also for health. Focusing on the right things is so much important to lead a stress free life.


Gratitude: Gratitude has changed my perspective on life. If you have gratitude you have everything. Being thankful for all the things good in life can make you understand how well and fulfilling your life is.


Discover your happy place: Having a hobby you can lean on for dismissing the negativity from your life is so important. It can be anything, reading, writing, painting, sports, running, music anything that you can call your happy place and go in that cocoon of comfort that helps you heal.

Control over your reaction: What is Stress? It is a feeling you get after a vicious cycle of negative thoughts that we feed our brain, but having control over those thoughts is so important. Humans have no control over actions of others but what we have power over is how we choose to react to those actions.


Meditation: I can’t emphasise how much good meditation or breathing can do to us. If you just focus your mind on your breathing for 15 minutes in a day, you can’t imagine how it can make you value this beautiful and prestigious life we are blessed with.


Social Media detox: When you feel that you have been feeding a lot of negativity to your mind it is going to collapse. The best thing to do here is to stay away from all the bad in the world and focus the good in your world. Spend time with family; take a vacation, do anything but just stay away from social media or any media for that matter.


2020 has been a tough year for all of us. Some more than the other, but what good it did was teaching us so many lessons. From taking care of the environment to taking care of your health, From being kind to showing gratitude to the people that have been fighting the battle, from self-realisation to self-questioning; 2020 has been the year of self-realization that no one is superior to another, no species is superior to another, no existence is superior to another and we are all here to live, be happy and CO-EXIST.


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