Everything You Need To Know About Taking Care Of Your Heart

Everything You Need To Know About Taking Care Of Your Heart

All our famous and super hit Bollywood songs are about this organ in the body, yet we sometimes don’t know how to take care of it. Can you guess which organ it is? I am sure you have guessed it right, it’s the HEART. But how much do we know about it and what it does in our body, other than loving someone :P You might not even realize, but the Heart is doing its job every second of every day. The heart is the most important muscle in your body because it gives the fuel to every organ in the body, i.e., it pumps both blood and oxygen.


Let’s get down to some facts now, Did you know more than 60% of Indians are prone to heart diseases, From Cholesterol to High Blood pressure you name it? Earlier it used to be people in their 50’s or 60’s who used to have heart disease, but now the number of heart diseases in youth has been increasing rapidly. 1 in every 4 people is losing their lives because of heart diseases and failures. The lub-dub sound we have all studied about the heartbeat goes on every millisecond of our lives and once it stops so does our life.


What do we need to know about heart care?

If the Heart does not get the care it needs, that’s when serious problems like blockage of blood flow arise. Now you may ask, but what care do we give it, doesn’t it work on its own? Well, yes it works on its own, but just like your heart needs proper daily care to work efficiently on its own. What care you ask? Well, I have written down a few tips and tricks which you can do to prevent your heart from all these diseases, as we all know’ Prevention is Better Than Cure’.


Saying Yes to ‘Only’ good food: We are what we eat, and so is our heart. Our heart functions well only when you give it the right food. I can’t begin to emphasis on how much good eating the right food does to your body. From helping you lose weight to maintaining your sugar levels, from good hair to good skin, from a healthy heart to a healthy body; everything depends on the food you eat. What do I mean by good food? Well, good food is the one’s which you can grow in your gardens, like the fruits, vegetables or even the poultry. Have healthy and fibrous food and say goodbye to all your worse moods.


Saying No to ‘Smoke’: ‘QUIT SMOKING TODAY’, If you are a smoker or are around people who smoke, please stop that today. You might have heard smoking is just bad for your lungs but guess what, Surprise! Surprise! It is bad for your overall health including your heart.


Get up and Run: I do mean it literally; At least a 30 minute of running is important for you to maintain your health no matter how busy you are. Take 30-45 minutes of time from the 1440 minutes you get for yourself. If you don’t like running just like me, then there are other alternatives for high-intensity workouts like cycling, swimming or better just hitting the gym. You are definitely going to thank me later for this. Working out gives a 1+100 free offer to our body, do you want to know how? Any sort of workout or activity releases happy hormones in your body and makes you stress-free, helps you in maintaining your weight, keeps you active and a hundred other good things to your body. And I am sure; you would not want to lose out on such an amazing offer. So what are you waiting for start working out NOW!!!


Avoid Alcohol: Your alcohol intake needs to be the most minimal so you can have a good heart. If you can, avoid it completely. But if you cannot, then make sure not to have more than one drink. The alcohol as we all know spoils the health of our liver but it might come as a shock to know that the alcohol you put inside your body has a direct effect to your brain, digestion, liver and also the Heart.


All of this is not new news to us, so now you may ask me are there any secrets that we can follow to maintain our heart and keep the diseases far away. As our ancestors have told us, everything we need for good health, skin or hair is available in our Kitchen. I happen to know about a few superfoods that one can consume to maintain a good heart for a long time.


Garlic: Yes, you heard it right. Garlic has been used as a medicinal herb for over centuries and we are just finding of it now. Garlic is the best form of super food you can give to your heart and blood system as it produces a chemical called allicin which helps to reduce blockages in the bloodstreams. Amazing, right?


Arjuna Tree: Did you ever imagine a tree that grows on the banks of rivers can help you in preventing heart diseases? I know I did not, but it is true. Arjuna tree is also known as Terminalia has been proven for its cardiovascular properties and also for its role in cancer therapy. Arjuna tree if consumed in a right manner can help in reducing the chances of clot formations and also improves the blood flow in arteries. Arjuna Trees is also known as the Heart tonic. Consuming a maximum of 500mg of Arjuna bark extract improves your cardiovascular health.


Guggul: No not Google, but Guggul is the gum resin obtained from a variety of plants native to India. Guggul is extracted from plants by tapping on it just like how maple syrup is extracted. Gugal has been the household name in ancient medicines to prevent us from many diseases as it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. From weight loss to managing cholesterol and blood sugar, it is like an all-in-one for your body. 


Finding all these products in our busy lifestyle can be hectic and can lead us to actually not taking any, but do not worry I have a solution for that too- SUPPLEMENTS. Not the chemically obtained supplements with various types of drugs but a completely and genuinely Ayurvedic supplement that you can order from the comfort of your own home. And, no you would not need three different supplements, but only just ONE.

Heart Vita’ is an Ayurvedic supplement which is 100% vegetarian, GMP certified, contains all the three ingredients, easily available and the most important one is it keeps your Heart healthy.

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