Essential Amino Acids for a Robust and Toned Body

Essential Amino Acids for a Robust and Toned Body

Before we get into details, it is essential to understand the role of amino acids in our bodies. To enable our body's growth, the muscle tissues in our body are constantly breaking down and then building up. When a person exercises, the muscles break down. In such cases, an individual needs to make sure that he takes in the right amount of nutrition so that the muscles can regrow and rebuild themselves. 

 In the rebuilding of muscles, some amino acids such as branched-chain amino acids (commonly known as BCAAs) and essential amino acids (also known as EAAs) play a very important role. 


An Introduction to EAAs

The proteins in the human body are made of twenty amino acids. The body is capable of synthesizing eleven of them, whereas the other nine cannot be made. The nine amino acids, which the body cannot synthesize, are called essential amino acids. Although our body cannot make EAAs, their importance cannot be neglected. Therefore, we have to include EAA in our diet and consume them regularly to meet our body's needs. 


The Function of EAAs in Our Body 

The nine essential amino acids in our body are responsible for muscle building. They also help to repair the worn-out tissues and help to build exercise endurance. Some of the functions of EAA inside the human body are as follows: 


  1. EAA intake can help you have better workout results: Workout doesn't impact an individual unless he couples it up with good food intake. EAA works as a supplement that contains all the essential components for the synthesis of muscle protein. This helps to counter the muscle breakdown that was otherwise caused due to an intense workout. 
  2. EAA helps an individual to sleep better and uplifts his mood: Tryptophan, which is an EAA, is responsible for the transmission of serotonin and melatonin. Since serotonin helps in appetite regulation and is associated with mood, it is often an essential component in antidepressants. Similarly, melatonin is used to aid people who have insomnia. Having EAA in appropriate quantities can help in the regulation of their levels in the body. 
  3. Amino acids help improve the body's composition: EAA aids the body in protein synthesis. This means that the body will burn fat and not the muscle, leading to a healthy body build. People who are trying to maintain their muscle mass and lose weight are more likely to opt for a diet that is rich in protein. EAA helps the body to improve its composition.


How is EAA Different from BCAA 

Bodybuilding requires the proper synthesis and repair of the body muscles that are broken or torn down at the workout time. Although intake of BCAA can satisfy this need, it has been scientifically proven that BCAA alone isn't enough to promote the synthesis or generation of new muscle tissue. For the best results, it is important to incorporate ECAA in the diet. 

ECAA or Essential Amino Acids have the branched-chain amino acids and six other amino acids that help in proper metabolism and other essential functions. Anyone looking forward to seeing prominent and more visible results should consider the intake of EAA more than BCAA. EAA is especially beneficial to those who are unable to meet their daily need for protein intake. Therefore, although the importance of BCAA cannot be ruled out, it is essential to mention that EAA is far superior to BCAA in terms of effectiveness. 


About Leopard Nutrition Advanced EAA+BCAA 

If you are looking for the best EAA supplement to team up with your workout regime, this product is exactly what you need. This health supplement contains accurate proportions of all nine EAAs and is devoid of sugar and calories. The human body cannot synthesize EAA. It has to be consumed using health supplements. 

The product also contains BCAA. BCAA supplements are also beneficial for the body as they help build up muscles, reduce muscle fatigue, and soothe muscle soreness. BCAA also helps to maintain the normal level of blood sugar in the body. BCAA and EAA provide the best combination as BCAA helps prevent weight gain, and EAA enables rebuilding of the muscles that suffer wear and tear during a workout. This is the best supplement to enrich your physique in the best possible way.


Properties of This EAA Supplement

This EAA and BCAA health supplement extends its benefits in the following ways: 


  1. It is a complete formula that contains the benefits and goodness of both EAA and BCAA, thereby yielding the best and most desired results. This health supplement can be consumed mixed with Ashwagandha, Coconut water powder, Vitamins, and Taurine. Suppose you are looking forward to a health supplement that will yield you the best muscle building results, strength building, power generation, and muscle wear and tear recovery. In that case, this is an ideal health supplement to adhere to. 
  2. This health supplement is an ideal choice for a post-workout dose of energy intake. Each serving of this health supplement contains all the essential amino acids needed to synthesize muscle protein. The best thing about this health supplement is that it has an amazing flavour.
  3. EAA is known for its incredible ability to repair the muscles that suffer wear and tear during a workout. It also helps to promote lean mass and reduces the damage of tissue. Due to these amazing benefits of this health drink, it is sure to make your workout session better!
  4. During the workout, muscles suffer considerable wear and tear. Essential Amino Acids such as leucine, isoleucine, and some others are faster to absorb. This enables quick recovery after a workout and leads to desirable results. The consumption of the right quantities of EAA helps in protein synthesis and reduces the catabolic breakdown of muscles. 
  5. EAA helps to keep the body hydrated after an intense workout session. 


What Are Some of the Remarkable Benefits of This Health Supplement

Some of the most remarkable benefits of this health supplement are as follows:


  1. It helps in the visible growth of the body muscles.
  2. EAA health supplements help to eliminate muscle soreness.
  3. Drinking this health supplement after a workout reduces the fatigue that might be caused due to exercise.
  4. It is extremely beneficial to people who suffer from liver diseases.
  5. EAA health supplements also stimulate the uptake of glucose. They help to regulate the energy levels and speed up the process of wound healing. EAA also helps to boost the immune system. 
  6. EAA helps to eliminate body fat and build muscles. Therefore, if you are looking forward to toning up your body and building bone strength, this is the most appropriate choice for you. 


Therefore, this health supplement offers a complete package of goodness. They do not contain sugar and harmful calories and are, therefore, not harmful to the body. 


How to Drink This Health Supplement 

To consume this EAA supplement, one has to mix 10g of the supplement with around 200 ml water or any other beverage. This has to be taken either before or after a workout. However, it is important to note that this product is not used for any treatment purpose. It should be used as has been directed for use. Pregnant women and lactating mothers should abstain from drinking this health supplement without consulting with a doctor. People with other medical conditions should also not use this without consulting with their physicians. 

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