Eight reasons to drink gooseberry juice

Eight reasons to drink gooseberry juice

Nature has granted much consideration to humanity; Ayurvedic herbs are one in every one of the only sources of a miracle out of them. Gooseberry is one of the most potent and magical herbs and a potential gift to humanity from nature than many herbs available in nature. Gooseberry is popularly called Amla. Society has used its benefits over the years, and it holds a significant part of Ayurvedic medicine.

Naturally, it's the key to cure many kinds of skin and health-related problems within a very less time. The gooseberry is indigenous in Europe and western Asia, growing naturally in rocky woods or mountain regions within the lower country, from France to the Himalayas and peninsular India.

Gooseberry is the most delicate Ayurvedic herb and is prominent everywhere on the planet thanks to its copious benefits. Where artificial products can leave such an excessive amount of harmful side effects on health, skin and hairs, gooseberry may manifest a path to the people who reach the ultimate beauty target with no harm.

Herbal beauty products are filled with gooseberry properties as the main ingredient because people now mostly trust natural products to cut back the side effects of chemicals. Bottom of Form


Benefits of Gooseberry juice:

For centuries, people are using gooseberry for its medicinal and nutritious properties. It is very sour, and it is bitter and pungent when utilized in dried form. The best vitamin C supplement contains a maximum amount of 20 times that of an orange. The fresh fruit contains-

  • more than eighty per cent of water
  • protein
  • carbohydrate
  • fibre
  • minerals and vitamins including calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene
  • Vitamin C and B complex
  • Gallic and acetic acid

Gooseberry juice is a popular drink, and the benefits of gooseberry are:

  • It can be used to treat the problem of scurvy.
  • It also improves skin tone and texture within a month.
  • Vitamin C in gooseberry helps reduce blood cholesterol by dilating the blood vessels and lowering blood pressure.
  • It also strengthens heart muscles.
  • Gooseberry has anti-diabetic potential. It stimulates the isolated group of cells that secrete the hormone insulin.
  • It reduces blood sugar in diabetic patients.

Here we are pointing out the best areas where gooseberry works like magic. It's the most effective Ayurvedic product that works on the skin-

  • Anti-ageing: Consuming gooseberry juice can help your skin age slowly. As you begin to age, you would always want to look younger, and that is one particular phase of growing older. This drink has loads of antioxidants in it that can make your skin look better and beat ageing cells. Vitamin C is found in Amla, and this is an aid for glowing skin. Regularly drinking Amla juice will prevent premature ageing, fine lines, dark spots and wrinkles.
  • Anti-acne: You can also make Amla paste and apply it over your face's affected area and leave it to dry for not more than 15 minutes. This will fight pimples, fine lines and reduce scarring done by acne. It is a natural blood purifier that keeps spots and the after-effects of acne away. Thus, Amla juice gives you flawless skin.
  • Removes dead skin cells: Amla juice is said to rejuvenate your skin and add an extra layer of skin brightness that will make your skin outshine itself. Also, amla juice is an excellent cleanser, whether it is applied directly or consumed. This will help remove dead cells from the skin and make it glow.
  • Treats skin pigmentation: Applying or drinking Amla juice is said to cleanse your skin and reduced skin pigmentation. All you need to do is apply some Amla juice onto your face and once this dries, make sure that you use a small piece of cotton and wipe it away. Also, keep your eye closed when you are doing this. Doing this regularly will lighten skin marks and reduce skin pigmentation.

Apart from only doing well in the skin, Amla juice also works excellent in hair, such as-.

  • Prevents premature greying: One of the first signs of ageing fast is premature greying of hair. This can become a nightmare for young people, but you need to understand that this is something severe. All you need to do is add some gooseberries juice to your hair and leave it dry for 30 minutes. Amla juice is filled with vitamin C and antioxidants that can prevent hair fall and premature greying.
  • Prevents Dandruff: Dandruff can be a dire situation to handle, especially; this pulls down your public confidence. There are many anti-dandruff shampoos and creams out there in the market, but why not try something natural and put a complete stop to dandruff. Try Amla juice, which will repair broken strands of hair and give it an extra layer of shine.
  • Hair conditioner: Amla juice acts as an excellent conditioner for your hair and gives a smooth and shiny finish. All you need to do is mix some Amla juice with some henna and gently apply it to your scalp. This will make your hair look healthy, and once this is dried, you can wash it away with some lukewarm water to give you that extra smoothness and shine.
  • Controls Hair-fall: Gooseberry is a magic element of Ayurveda. It helps in strengthening the hair roots and controls the falling of hair. Gooseberry juice has a lot of features that make the hair shinier and strong at the same time.

Massaging your scalp and hair with some Amla oil can only help in boosting hair growth. Just warm the oil and massage your scalp with it. You can get quality Amla oil in any Ayurvedic store. Otherwise, you can make your own Amla oil at home.


How to prepare Gooseberry Juice

Gooseberry juice and its health benefits for the skin and your hair, but here is how you prepare some healthy Amla juice. You can either consume it or apply it directly to your skin or hair and reap the benefits out of it.


  • One cup of Indian gooseberry (Sliced into tiny pieces)
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • One pinch of salt
  • One pinch of cardamom powder


  • Firstly, you need to wash the neatly washed Amla and keep it aside.
  • Next, gently press the gooseberries and see if they are softer. Once this is done, you can remove the seeds and keep them aside.
  • Once this is done, you will have to grind the sugar and make it into powder.
  • Then grind the Amla pieces along with the sugar powder. Once this is done, you need to mix the Amla with some sugar powder and salt and again grind them together.
  • Add some water to the Amla powder to make it even more watery. Stir well and apply it on your skin and hair, and you can witness the difference.


Apart from offering loads of benefits for your hair and skin, gooseberries are said to provide numerous health benefits such as:

  • Helps in treating insomnia
  • Strengthens bone
  • Has powerful antioxidants
  • Good for your teeth and prevents terrible mouth odour
  • Good for your heart
  • Prevents diabetes
  • Treats gastric diseases
  • It is a natural blood purifier

The Nutritional value of gooseberry is numerous. It does well to your hair and skin. You do not have to apply it all the time. If you can drink gooseberry juice, it works miraculously in your body. It has sodium, potassium and a lot of dietary fibre in it. It cleanses the intestine and works from within. You can buy gooseberry online and make it work for you.

Ripe gooseberries are not commonly available, so unripe fruits are the ones that are often used in most recipes. These fruits have a high level of antioxidants and are very effective in boosting the body's immune system, cell repair and in renewing vitality. The fruits are rich in Vitamin B complex that is useful in increasing energy levels and Promoting healthier vision.

Individuals with diabetes are suggested to consume this fruit is ripe or unripe form regularly. The fruit helps in stimulating the hormones that secrete insulin. The fruit has strong antifungal properties and is extensively used in formulating medicines. Having this fruit regularly with nuts and honey can prevent the digestive tract's problems and promote healthy living. A frequent intake of Gooseberry juice helps in fighting infections and keeps you in good health.

Remember, a healthy and proper balanced diet and excessive water intake, along with using gooseberry, can cure lots of problems. It is wise to recommend that all beauty lovers turn their interest in natural products rather than artificial to improve health and life quality.

If anything does not work, you can visit a good doctor near you that can help you to relieve any skin or hair problem.

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