Causes and Prevention of Joint Pains in your body

Causes and Prevention of Joint Pains in your body

Everywhere I go, some people always keep telling me the pain they have on their back, or their knees and sometimes even their fingers. And this is not just a onetime pain but a chronic pain. I see people in their 20’s suffering from back pain and hear them say how they cannot stand still for 5 minutes. It just blows my mind how the world is ready to keep popping painkillers and not yet ready to make some lifestyle changes. 


Did you know 26% of all the women and 18% of all the men have serious arthritis problems? But did you know you do not have to live with that for the rest of your life? Did you know you can reverse your arthritis and joint pains? 


Yes, you heard that right. You do not have to live with the constant pain in your joints. No, it is not natural to have these pains. These can be the pain in your fingers, knees and cramps you wake up with can be prevented and healed. 


We have all heard that with age, it is inevitable to suffer from these pains. Though it may be right to some extent, it is not completely incurable or preventable. We can reverse the effects of symptoms of joint pains called arthritis. 


To understand the prevention of arthritis and joint pains in our bodies, we need to understand the causes of the same. 


There is a lot we put our body through, whether it is physically, mentally, the food we eat, the air we breathe etc. Though all of this is necessary excessive doing of any of this could have negative effects on the body. Let’s look at some of the reason you might have joint pains or arthritis pains in your body and see if you can reverse it. 


To understand the causes and reasons, let me tell you first that Joint pains are a disease of inflammation and I am sure you know what inflammation does to our body as a whole. It plagues millions of people around the world and people suffer from the discomforts of this disease rather than do something about it. 


Let me share a few major causes why you could have arthritis or joint pains? 


  1. Malnutrition: 1 in 3 people suffer in the world suffer from malnutrition. Now you must say, but I eat food every day and am even healthy. How can I suffer from malnutrition? Well, it is not the amount of food you eat but the quality of the nutritional food you eat. You might eat junk three times a day and still be malnourished as at a cellular level you are not giving any nutrients to your body.  
  2. Physical Stress: Lack of activity and leading a sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest problems. But over-exercising is also one of the chief causes of arthritis. When you put too much of stress on your joints, on your ball and socket joints, your muscles and your cartilages mostly through the wrong jumping exercises or too much of it through the wrong form of weight lifting you don’t give space for your body to heal and thus inflammation comes up.  
  3. Obesity: No, I am not here to body shame anyone. But there is a certain amount of weight your body can carry and if it exceeds that amount it becomes unhealthy for all you on an extreme level. You see your knees, ball & socket joints and also your spine is designed to carry a specific amount of weight which is your ideal weight. Now, if you have excessive weight over a long period your spine and your knees are not designed to continue carrying that weight. This results in the cartilage around, the tendons around and the muscles around to get weaker and weaker and then there's inflammation. 
  4.  Constipation: Now you may ask how constipation can cause me excessive joint pains. Well, there is a reason. Chronic constipation leads to the accumulation of morbid matter and toxins in the human body that makes your body acidic in the acidic body has every direct connection to arthritis.
  5.  Hormonal imbalance: Constant hormonal imbalance can be caused by junk food, improper hours of sleep and unnecessary emotional stress. All of these can lead to a hormonal imbalance which can lead to chronic inflammation. We humans usually have a tendency to ignore the emotional stress we put ourselves through. When you're chronically stressed and when you're in turn analyzing emotions your body raises a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol also leads to inflammation. “Khush Raho masth Raho” 
  6.  Acidity: Finally coming down to the chief cause and your main solution when it comes to arthritis-Acidity. When your body is constantly acidic please understand how this works right now because this is where your solution lies. When I say you have an acidic environment in the body it doesn't mean that you have to experience heartburn and acidity all the time. You see when we eat acidic food all the time its okay, our stomach is any way in an acidic environment. We have a pH level of about 3 to 3.5 which is required to digest food. But when we constantly eat acidic food and it reaches our colon and it reaches our bowels which is why every time we defecate and you are left with a burning sensation in your rectum it is a direct sign that you are way too acidic and you need to make lifestyle changes.

What can we do to avoid Acidity? 


So let me explain how this works. When you have too much of acidic food like the excessive alcohol, excessive smoking, too much of sugar, too much of salt and too much of the wrong food what happens is your body has alkaline buffers which automatically make your blood alkaline. 


And how can we make the blood alkaline? Through Calcium as calcium is alkaline. Where does our body store calcium? Yes, you are right the bones. But, but here is the best part your body does not leach calcium from the centre of the bones as it is the densest part, but rather it leaches the calcium from the corners, that is the joints because it is easily available there. And that is the main reason why all the pains usually start at the joints, like the elbows, knees, fingers etc. Now you may ask does the leaching process spread to the denser part, i.e., the centre of the bone. Yes, it does when the inflammation gets too chronic the body starts leaching the calcium from the centre of the bone and that’s when the medical professionals advice for a knee replacement or other heavy surgeries.


 Our lifestyle, the food we eat or mainly because of the overconsumption of acidic food we create a disease like arthritis. So the moment you start making your body alkaline the biggest solution and the easiest to do is to make sure that your diet is 80% alkaline and 20% acidic in nature so your grains can be acidic but that raw food that you add like your fruits, vegetable, water etc are all alkaline. 


What are the preventive measures you can take to reverse arthritis or joint pains? 



  1. Copper vessel: Traditional Indian custom of drinking water out of a copper mug or a copper vessel has a lot of power when it comes to handling inflammation and arthritis because copper is a trace mineral in the human body which has a job of strengthening your muscles around your joints, strengthen your cartilage and tendons around your joint. So get that copper vessel or that copper mug which is been sitting on the corner of your shelf out and make sure that you drink your early morning water out of a copper mug or a copper vessel. 
  2. Fenugreek Seeds: Soak your fenugreek or Methi seeds overnight in a glass of water and drink it the next morning along with the seeds. Fenugreek seeds have high anti-inflammatory properties.  
  3. Coconut oil: Mixing coconut oil with camphor and applying that oil in the areas that hurt will provide you immediate relief, but do this a couple of times consistently with discipline but as camphor has anti-inflammatory properties and coconut oil can soak and be absorbed into your tendons and your joints. Continue doing camphor mixed with olive oil or camphor mixed with coconut oil because it is one of the best massage oils you can do before you sleep so you have the whole night for it to soak in. 
  4. Having Sea salt: It is fantastic because Sea salt contains Iodine. Iodine as you know completes a lot of balance in our body that reduces inflammation. Iodine is also necessary for underactive thyroid and believe me if you have an underactive thyroid gland or insufficient thyroxin it can aggravate your arthritis. So it's a good idea to make sure that you sought your hypothyroid issues, which I believe is one of the easiest conditions to reverse.
  5. Sesame seeds: Black sesame seeds, they're inexpensive freely available all over our country all over the world. Soak two tablespoons of that overnight in water and the morning you drink the water and you eat the seeds that have high anti-inflammatory properties and reduces inflammation at a joint level. How much cheaper can taking care of your arthritis problem get? 
  6. Yoga: Yoga is gentle on the joints and certain asanas can actually help you reduce inflammation and thus also arthritis. 
  7. Pranayama: Nothing can beat the ancient technique of breathing in and breathing out. Like I always say train your body how to breathe, train your lungs to send the right amount of carbon dioxide to all your inflamed cells and joints and remove the excess carbon dioxide that stays between the tissues of these inflamed joints creating more pain and reducing the chances to heal. 



Instant Fix for Joint Pains:

But, aren’t all of these long term prevention cures? What do I do if I need some instant relief and don’t want to take any painkillers? 


Well, there is one thing you can do. You can get nice massage oil made especially for the joints and massage it on the affected area. Now the big question is what massages oil to use and we have the answer for that covered as well. Take Earthyboon’s Care-O-Joint Ayurvedic joint oil. It literally has the word joint in it. Jokes aside, It is made up of a soothing and powerful blend of herbal oils which instantly gives relief from joint pain, inflammation, soreness and any other joint discomfort. Each ingredient in this Ayurvedic preparation has been carefully selected for its physiological action on the body, and to help restore the body's natural state of health.


Where can I buy this amazing product you ask? 

Well just click the link below and there it is at your doorstep. 





 I hope you've understood how arthritis works. It is the people who believe that arthritis can never be healed but if you change the environment in your human body you make it more alkaline you don’t allow the inflammation to grow, you don't allow the inflammation to stay chronic and that's how you stay healthy. You reduce your pain, you reduce your suffering and you reduce something called arthritis. 


Inflammation is linked to your diet and your movement, so please go over all these points again these are your tips if you want to get off those medications you need to get moving. Because let me tell you right now in cases of arthritis many times you have to be on painkillers, I'm not saying get off painkillers but change your lifestyle so that you can reduce them and eventually get off them. Because one of the side effects of every painkiller that you take is inflammation so you're reducing pain with a side effect which is producing more inflammation which is the very cause of your disease or your ailment. It’s a whole circle and the only way to get off this circle is to start making lifestyle changes. 


Make that lifestyle change the human body is designed to heal it once you believe that you will start doing these little things that address the root cause of the problem and not just to send them. You can reverse your arthritis if you cannot reverse it you can make it better and you can eventually get on to that part of reversing it completely. 


Don’t forget to Move more, eat right, sleep tight and breathe deep. 

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