Can Intermittent Fasting benefit your overall health?

Can Intermittent Fasting benefit your overall health?

One thing we have been seeing everyone over the internet talk about when it comes to fitness is Intermittent Fasting That’s right people are talking about intermittent fasting more than they are talking about working out. It has become like a fad diet. First it was keto diet and now it is intermittent fasting.


But did you know fasting in general has been going around in our culture for ages. Fasting has been in our culture for decades and decades and lately it's also become a fad diet.


Just a little disclaimer, you need to understand that there are certain kinds of fasts which are good for you and certain kinds of fasts which are bad for you and the kind of lifestyle that you choose needs to be personalized according to certain factors like the kind of work that you do, the kind of environment that you live in,  the kind of stress levels that you currently have and also on the kind of medical conditions you have, the kind of weight you want to lose or the kind of weight you want to gain.  There is also something else you need to understand that diets also depend on your body type your mind your emotional health at that particular point. Most people take up diets without consulting or seeing if it’s perfect for their body type and their current lifestyle.



Coming to Intermittent fasting, it plays a major role I every part of your body, right from your hair loss to weight loss and also other major diseases like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, kidney problems, you just have to name it and fasting can help you heal with every disease.


How do we think fasting can help you not lose weight but only heal other diseases?


Well, let me explain how the human system works, You see you see your digestive system uses almost 75 to 80 percent of your body energy which means you have roughly 20 percent or 15 percent of energy for all of your other activities left throughout the day including your mental and emotional mind which particularly requires a lot of energy through every point of the day.


Now what happens is, if you notice any human who falls sick in most cases you lose your appetite first and this is because the human body's natural defense mechanism is to protect and to heal and that can only happen when you shift the energy from digestive system to other systems of the body and this is possible by cutting down.


The digestive system now slows down and completely shuts down, which makes the 70% of your body’s energy to now heal your disease. The symptoms we get are our bodies way of doing the right thing for you but we humans like to interfere with that as well, if our body throws up we immediately pops pills and stop that and that's where we compromise our immunity.


Why do we get a fever?

Our body temperature rises because there are certain pathogens, bacteria and viruses cannot survive at a particular temperature so your body raises your temperature to 100 or 101 or 102 or 103 or even 104 degrees to do its work to protect you.


What about diarrhea?

Diarrhea is our body’s way of trying to push out or trying to eject some bug that you have in your stomach that you either picked from the food you ate or the air around you.


What about nausea?


Vomiting is the body's natural mechanism to push something out of your system ad it is actually very good to go through these symptoms at times but we human beings have become so used to comfort and convenience that we cannot live even for a few minutes with discomfort and we try to pop pills to stop any symptoms from happening.


What not do to when Intermittent Fasting?


  • Not less than 12 hours of empty stomach: Now let's talk about how you do intermittent fasting. So we're looking at a 14 hour window or a 16 hour window of complete fasting, but let me tell you Intermittent fasting is not like any other fasting. There are people who come to me with serious issues of heart and sugar who say they fast for 2 days in a week. And I'm like you shouldn't be having these diseases if you fast for 2 days. But then mostly fasts of these types have fruits and fruit juices and nuts.


  • No Tea or coffee: When we talk about fasting we talk about complete removal of food from that window period all you can do is have water. Yes just water for that 12-16 hour window and nothing else not even green tea or black coffee or even lemon water for that matter. But people think that tea and coffee can be a part of their fast as half of the world cannot do without their morning chai or coffee. But let me tell you your intermittent fasting will not give you all the benefits that it should really give you if you start having anything other than water for your fasting period. Having tea or coffee on an empty stomach is only going to make you very acidic and we all know that an acidic body is what breeds diseases right from diabetes, to cancer, to  the cardiovascular diseases. From the hair fall to the inability to lose weight the more acidic you are the more problems you have.


  • Do not do it the wrong way: So for doing the intermittent fast we're going to do it the right way and not the wrong on. You may start off with a 12-hour window great then take it to 13 14 15 and later 16 hours. 16 hours is what we're aiming for and then that 16 hours become so easy you may then be able to launch into the 24 hour water fast which is absolutely fantastic for your immunity weight and everything else.  So for example today if we finish our dinner by 8 o'clock tonight and fast till 8 o'clock tomorrow morning we'll be at a 12 hours fast.


Fasting is natural to us, how you ask? Well we usually sleep for 7-8 hours for proper rest, so we are anyway fasting for those 8-8 hours and then it is also advised to eat dinner 3 hours before going to bed, hats an extra 3 hours which makes it 11 ours. So you see starting off your fasting cycle at 12 hour window is not just possible but we have been doing that for most our lives.


Breaking the myths about fasting:

In this modern world there are doctors and gym trainers telling you to eat something healthy every two hours because your body need that much amount of protein or carbs, but that is not how it should be. If you are someone who is looking for a good quality of life in the long run by making small changes, stop eating at regular intervals. That does not mean you have to starve, you can eat the required nutrients without starving.


Eating is healthy but we should also understand that our body needs to be put it into a phase of fasting every once in a while. Because while you fast so much of repair work happens in your body there are new cells that are being regenerated, your immune system is being regenerated which is why fasting is fantastic for your immunity.


Taking baby steps towards a healthier and happier tomorrow. Start off simply. Give your body 12 hours of rest from the food and then move to 13, 14, 15 16 and 24 hours eventually.


Always remember to break off your fast either with a simple carb line or a fruit. No heavy foods or tea or coffees are required to break your fast.


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