Benefits of Tulsi for Adult and Children 

Benefits of Tulsi for Adult and Children 

Tulsi leaves, also popularly known as holy basil, can help cure many health problems in both kids and adults. Many people are aware of the remedial power of the tulsi leaf. Tulsi is regarded as the best medicinal basil that is discovered till now. There are many medicinal properties of basil, and it is extremely vital in Naturopathy and Ayurveda. The essential oils in Tulsi work effectively on both a kid's and adult's respiratory system. It helps to fight pollution to some extent. 

 Tulsi has many more benefits; hence, you must make it a daily habit for your kid to have a few Tulsi leaves every day. Let us read some of the health benefits of Tulsi:

  • Healing properties of Tulsi leaves

 Tulsi leaf helps the digestive system to strengthen as it works as an appetizer. It also secrets the digestive enzymes and promotes digestion. The holy leaf acts successfully on the respiratory system by curing almost all kinds of respiratory disorders. It is beneficial in curing both acute and chronic bronchitis. The leaves also have an intensifying effect on the kidney. In case a kid or an adult has kidney stones, it is advisable to take tulsi leaves along with honey for six months. The stones get excreted through urine with the help of tulsi and honey. 

 Tulsi also leaves beneficial in curing all sorts of headaches. The antioxidants and Vitamin C help reduce stress, soothe nerves, and repair the damage caused by the headache. Headache is mostly caused by cough and cold, sinus, migraines, and only one single serving of Tulsi can control it effectively.

 Fever in both adult and children is curable by tulsi leaves. It is an excellent disinfectant and germicidal agent that helps t protect your child's health from any sorts of bacteria, fungal and viral infections. The infection-fighting property of the Tulsi leaf allows it to fight fever and, at the same time, restore the health of your child quickly. 

 An adult, as well as a child, can rely on tulsi leaves for curing asthma. The bacteria that develop in the mouth of your child can also be cured by tulsi. If these bacteria's are not cured within on time, they may eventually cause plaque, tartar, cavities and bad breath. Try to include regular tulsi usage in your child's routine to save your child from these issues. Tulsi also helps to fight ulcers and prevent them at the same time. 

Vitamin K in tulsi is an important element that has a big role in heart and bone health. The vitamin K in Tulsi helps in healthy metabolism and maintain the brain function of your child. 

 You can also rely on the water in which few tulsi leaves have already been soaked for your child. Washing the eyes with that water will keep your child away from certain eye problems such as boils and conjunctivitis. The water in which tulsi is soaked helps to reduce stress and soothes the eye inflammation of your child. 

The immune system of your child is also boosted up by regular usage of tulsi leaves. The antibiotic and antibacterial properties help your kids to stay away from any of the infections. Your child, as well as your entire family, can stay away from cold and cough if you keep the tulsi plant indoor. You can also opt for mixing tulsi leaves with the bathing or just washing your child's face with the water mixed with tulsi leaves so that your child is kept away from any sorts of infections.  

  • Reduce blood pressure and stress

Ocimumosides A and B compounds are the components Tulsi has. These compounds are responsible for balancing the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin in the brain and reduce stress. The anti-inflammatory properties of Tulsi reduce blood pressure and inflammation. According to reports,  26.4% of the people got help from Tulsi leaves for controlling the blood pressure and stress.

  • Anti-cancer properties

Tulsi leaves have photochemical in them, which have the strong property of antioxidants. This helps in protecting the oral, skin, liver and lung cancers. As proven by several research studies, the Eugenol in basil leaves has radioactive properties that help the body fight off different cancer cells. It is known to retard the growth of breast cancer and tumorigenicity if taken the leaves regularly for a very long time.

  •  Perfect for the health of the heart

The properties of tulsi have a good effect on the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases by lowering the content of blood lipid, suppressing stroke and ischemia, reduce hypertension. 

  • Good for patients with Diabetes

The tulsi leaves' extract proves to lower the blood glucose levels in patients with Diabetes Type 2. 

  • Useful in Gouty arthritis and kidney stones

The body of a person is detoxified by Tulsi and also has diuretic properties. The level of uric acid decreases with the help of Tulsi leaves. Uric acid is the main reason for the forming of kidney stones. If uric acid level is reduced, it will be beneficial to the ones who will suffer from Gout. 

  • Good for Skin & Hair

Tulsi helps in managing hair loss as it makes the hair roots stronger.  Being rich in antioxidants also helps in clearing out blemishes and acne of the skin and checking early ageing. 

Tulsi puts a stop to the growth of dandruff and fungus due to its antifungal properties. Basil leaves hydrate your skin by loosening up the pores of the skin. They re-energize the skin by flushing out dirt, toxins and other pollutant particles from the face and cleansing naturally. In return, one can acquire all the desired perfection without any acne or dullness of the face.  With a little effort in making a tulsi powder, combining lime juice and turmeric to it and rinsing it off with cold water will be productive with positive results. Leaving the tulsi powder on the face for a few minutes can also be helpful. 

  • Functions as an insect-resistant

To get rid of insects, dried tulsi leaves combined with stored grains have been used for a very long time.  Basil leaves have the unique property of decreasing the pain of insect stings and bug bites. It also extracts the poison introduced in the body by simply chewing on the leaves or applying it to the affected area.  It helps prevent the growth of ringworm by making a mixture of grounded basil leaves with lime juice.  Other than this, it also helps in treating skin infections that are affected by bacteria such as E Coli and B anthraces. 

  • Decreases the level  of cortisol

With its antioxidant property, basil leaves are known to decrease the cortisol level, which is responsible for managing the body's stress level.  It is regarded as an adaptogen as it relaxes and calms oneself. Other than controlling psychological stress, it also helps the body protect itself from chemical, metabolic, and physiological stress.

  • Enhance the function of the liver

Tulsi helps eliminate liver impairment by reviving the secretion of the cytochrome enzyme, which eliminates metabolic wastes and assists in detoxification.  Basil leaves provide you with hepatoprotective advantages. 

  • Controls hair loss

As basil leaves are regarded as a complete package of nutrition, it hydrates your scalp and provides nutrients to the hair follicles. The paste of basil leaves applied on the scalp moisturizes your hair because of its hydration properties which initiate proper blood circulation and prevent itching.  This, in return, results in the shiny and strong growth of hair.  Dandruff can also be controlled if you massage your scalp daily with a mixture of basil leaves and coconut oil. According to reports, 78% of people got relief from hair loss using holy basil- Tulsi as the primary ingredient of hair products.

  • Aids in losing weight

Tulsi helps regulate the blood glucose and cholesterol level in the body, which influences the body mass index. Thus, supporting and managing weight loss.  As per a survey conducted, 250mg of holy basil was given to patients, resulting in a decrease in their BMI and lipid profiles. 

  • Put a stop to discolouration of hair

 Taking a few fresh leaves of basil and combining them with Amla or Indian gooseberry powder is a natural recipe that retards grey hair growth. The best result can be acquired from it by making the paste the night before applying it in the morning. Please keep it for some time before washing it off for a better outcome. 

  • Organic mouth freshener

 Taking over the counter antibacterial medications for oral plaque can have side effects; instead, basil can help get rid of plaque organically without complications. If a person uses mouthwash that contains 4% of tulsi, it may reduce the chances of plaque. Because of the antibacterial properties of basil leaves, researchers proved that it could stop the development of oral plague. 


The Bottom Line

 According to many studies using tulsi by consuming it or making a paste, or using a mixture of tulsi with water, everything has a high success rate. There are no such side effects of tulsi. It has all the good properties to cure your health as well as your kids.

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