Benefits of Ayurveda over traditional Allopathic medicine

Benefits of Ayurveda over traditional Allopathic medicine

Over the years, the importance of various treatment approaches has changed people's perspective towards medical science. Among the various treatment options, allopathic vs. Ayurveda are the ones that have created a stir in medical science. Before the allopathy treatments became rampant, people considered Ayurveda as the holistic method of treating.

Ayurvedic treatments are quite useful in creating a balance in the body. It is important to understand that just like everyone has different fingerprints, the energy pattern varies. The combination of physical, mental, and emotional characteristics varies too.

Throughout your life, the constitution remains the same and is determined by certain factors. With medical science development, allopathy's importance increased since it helps provide quick relief from the disease.

But is it really better than Ayurveda when talking about something long-term? Let's find out more about it!

Allopathy vs. Ayurveda

Suppose the debate is about Ayurveda vs. allopathic medicine. In that case, the primary thing, which strikes your mind, is the speedy recovery procedure. While allopathy quickly cures the disease, Ayurveda takes time to treat the disease.

However, the fact is true only to a certain extent. Hence, if the question arises in your mind that the Ayurvedic treatment is slow, you are probably mistaking. Most people are guilty of choosing Ayurveda when none of the treatment methods worked.

By the time you come to Ayurveda, the chemicals have already worked on the affected body parts. Hence, it will first remove the side effects and then work on the disease's root cause.

Opting for the Ayurveda will not only help in removing the root cause of the disease but also will help in developing immunity. Besides, the time also varies regarding ayurvedic medicines depending on the imbalance which the patient is carrying.

In allopathic treatment, the doctors mostly focus on the disease symptoms instead of the root cause. Precisely, doctors can do everything on the ground and have pills for every disease and then reduce the side effects with another pill.

Summing up, allopathy will only offer a partial cure simply by working on the symptoms. However, Ayurveda works on the root cause and not just on the symptoms. Besides, these medicines will not pose any threat to your body.

Benefits of Ayurveda over Allopathy

Ayurveda is normally categorized into three life forces that play a significant role in the human body. These are also known as Doshas, Vata dosha, Kapha dosha, and Pitta dosha. Want to know what these dosha's do for your body.

Well, Ayurvedic science believes that every human being has one of these dosha's or life energy. Thus, before treating your problems, the doctors will determine which dosha imbalance is rampant in your body.

Since the medicines are quite natural, it is believed that compared to the allopathy medicines, Ayurveda comes with multiple benefits. Let us check out some of the essential benefits, which the Ayurveda offers.

  • Acts As A Stress Buster

Compared to the allopathic medicines, which only come with medications, Ayurvedic treatment includes Vedic knowledge, which means yoga and meditation.

Hence, if you want to opt for Ayurveda, understanding yoga's role as a treatment method is necessary.

For example, some of the common medicines of Ayurveda include Dinacharya, which means walking early in the morning before sunrise. This helps in giving peace of mind, which is essential for keeping you fit.

  • Helps In Balancing Hormones

Unlike allopathic medicines or medicines, the holistic approach of Ayurveda helps in balancing your body's hormones. This helps in a healthy pregnancy as well as the menstrual cycle.

Suppose you are suffering from irregular menstrual cycles or have an issue with conceiving. In that case, ayurvedic medicines will remove any infertility issues without any side effects.

With allopathic medicines, you may be cured of infertility issues; however, the medicines will leave some side effects.

  • Lowers The Threat Of Unwanted Diseases

It is important to understand that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is quite easy only if you maintain certain rules. A healthy diet, sunbathing, to practicing breathing exercises will help you to avoid any disease.

When it comes to Ayurveda, there are two most important things that matter, prevention and finding out a natural way of treating the disease.

However, allopathy works contrarily since it suppresses the disease for a certain period, which is not effective. Once the effect of the medicine ends, the symptoms will arise once again.

  • Works With A Different Philosophy

The philosophy of Ayurvedic treatment is different as it helps prevent the lifetime of suffering through a disease. It aids the patient by providing a simple and healthy lifestyle without any harm.

This philosophy is logical interference, hearing, and sense of perception that saints practiced years back. However, allopathy primarily follows four different steps, hypothesis and experimentation, observing, and concluding.

The approach, which allopathic medicines opt for, is symptomatic, and the causes are not detected accurately. Thus, you can understand that the problems might arise once again.

  • Promotes Glowing And Healthy Skin

Since Ayurveda is all about natural treatment procedures and medicines, it is obvious that you will get glowing skin with it.

Consuming healthy and natural ingredients not only cures the disease but also promotes healthy skin. Due to reason, the demand for Ayurvedic medicines is increasing these days.

  • Use of Natural Medicines

Ayurveda always focuses on finding out the root cause of the disease and finally tries to reverse the condition to cure it completely.

Your body is completely aware of this treatment procedure, and ayurvedic medicines do not suppress those elements causing the disease. It is important to understand that with ayurvedic medicines, the cure will be permanent.

However, the scenario is completely different from allopathic medicines. The disease is not completely cured; instead, it provides instant relief by destroying the organisms causing the visible symptoms.

  • Treatment Cost Is Low

You might be aware that the Ayurvedic treatment is effective. Still, the treatment cost is comparatively less since the medicines are made with easily available herbs. Allopathic medicines are quite expensive not just because of the prescribed medicines but also because of the treatment procedure.

  • Effectiveness

Even though the allopathic medicines are modern and include the latest medicines and procedures, they still cannot cure diseases like piles, jaundice, rheumatoid arthritis, jaundice, etc. However, from various sources, it has been found that Ayurveda has successfully treated these diseases without the fear of relapsing.

  • Lowers Inflammatory Issues

Internal inflammations are generally caused due to a lack of sleeping and a poor diet. The Ayurveda-based treatments tend to contain a huge amount of herbal ingredients, improving your sleeping schedule and helping you control inflammatory diseases. There are some herbs, which can indirectly treat your inflammatory diseases as well.

  • Eliminates Toxins

The Ayurveda treatments are well-known for detoxifying the blood of an individual. Thus, when you are taking an Ayurveda medication, it will take care of your disease and the toxins in your blood. This way, it can lower the risk of heart and liver diseases.

Moreover, due to removing toxins in your blood, the medication can lower the risk of infection and inflammation. Just be sure to consume the medicines on time, and you will have a healthier body and soul in no time!


Facts to know about Ayurvedic medicines

By now, you have understood the importance of ayurvedic medicines while trying to discuss allopathic medicine vs. Ayurveda. However, there are certain facts that you must be aware of before opting for Ayurveda. An indigenous medicine system, Ayurveda makes a huge difference in the treatment procedure and your body's immunity and healing power.

  • Significance of Ayurvedic doctor- Although there are no side effects of Ayurvedic medicines; however, it is always a good idea to consult a doctor. They will first analyze your lifestyle, physical as well as emotional imbalances, the prescribe medicines accordingly. Before taking any ayurvedic medicines, make sure that you are consulting doctors.
  • Generic remedies- The ingredients used in making ayurvedic medicines are not uncommon. You will get these ingredients in your kitchen and will not pose any threat. Besides, you can consume them with any meals throughout the day. When consumed in the right proportion and time, ayurvedic medicines are no doubt effective.
  • Consumption procedures- When using ayurvedic medicines or others, it is important to keep your stomach in the right condition. While some ayurvedic medicines have to be consumed on an empty stomach, others have to be consumed after a meal. The effects are subjected to whether it is reacting inside your stomach.

Therefore, Ayurvedic treatment, when done in the right way, always turns out to be effective. Compared to the allopathy treatment, it is effective, less harmful, and improves the immunity system. Thus, it is always a good idea to choose Ayurveda over allopathic medicines when treating any disease.

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