Benefits of Amla

Benefits of Amla

Amla, also known as Indian Gooseberry, is filled with innumerable goodness. Filled with eight times more vitamin C and antioxidants than pomegranate and orange, it is quite beneficial for health.

Considering all the benefits, amla is no doubt a superfood. This translucent green fruit can help protect against ailments like the common cold, cancer, and infertility. Amla is mostly available during the winter months.

The unusual taste comes with a mixed flavor ranging from bitter, pungent, astringent, and sour. One of the biggest advantages of consuming amla is it helps in provides immunity against innumerable diseases. You can either consume it raw or consume it in a powdered format.

Benefits of consuming amla

Amla comes with innumerable health benefits. From protection against infections to shining hair and skin, amla is filled with some outstanding health benefits. Vitamin C is especially essential since it improves metabolism. Here are some of the benefits of including amla in your daily diet.

Helps in improving your eyesight

Some of the recent studies have shown that the carotene in amla helps in improving vision. If you consume amla daily, then it will also help in improving overall eye health. Over time, it will improve cataract issues, prevent reddening, itching as well as watering.

Helps in burning fat

Amla is famous for reducing infection, improving skin and hair health, the one thing which we do not know is it helps in improving metabolism. Protein content in amla helps in preventing cravings.

Besides, the benefits of amla juice for the skin is that it will reduce your cravings when you drink it every day. According to nutritionists, amla helps in improving metabolism. Thus, it becomes easy to shed weight. The high fiber content of amla, as well as acids like tannic, helps in relieving constipation.

Improves hair health

It is yet another one of the most essential benefits that you can get from amla. Like curry leaves, amla is an infamous tonic for slowing down the rate of premature greying, dandruff and strengthens hair follicles.

On top of that, regular consumption helps in increasing blood circulation to your scalp. If you want soft and shining tresses, make sure you are including amla with any meal. Alternatively, you can mix amla powder with henna to apply as a hair pack.

Improves immunity

Almost everyone has heard about how amla helps in improving body immunity. Amla has antibacterial and astringent properties, which are best when it comes to improving the immunity system. Oxidative damage leads to cancer, and within a few years, cancer has become a common disease.

However, if you consume amla, it will help prevent oxidative damage and prevent your body from free radicals. A potent antioxidant agent, amla, will help in building immunity against viruses and bacteria.

Keeps chronic conditions away

Amla is rich in chromium that helps in reducing bad cholesterol. Besides, it also helps in stimulating insulin production. Thus, it helps in lowering the blood glucose levels, which will develop insulin resistance.

Make sure that you are drinking amla juice every morning on an empty stomach. It will keep you healthy and keep your blood glucose level under control. If you want to keep any chronic conditions away, then it will maintain your overall health.

However, one of the known amla side effects is increased bleeding. So, those with bleeding disorders like anemia should use this cautiously.

Gives flawless skin

Amla is best when it comes to keeping your skin healthy. After all, everyone longs for glowing and healthy skin. Due to this reason, amla is considered an outstanding anti-aging fruit. The benefits of amla juice with honey includes blemish-free and glass-like skin; so, have that daily.

Keeps congestion away

It is yet another popular benefit that you can get by consuming amla. As already mentioned, amla helps to maintain immunity; amla helps in fighting viral infections and bacteria when fighting with the common cold.

Consuming amla with honey at least two to three times a day helps remove sputum from the respiratory tract. Hence, if you want to get relief from bronchitis, cough and cold, and other respiratory illness, it is best to consume amla.

Keeps constipation at bay

Amla is alkaline and is useful in clearing as well as strengthening the digestive system. Besides, amla is having high fiber content, which is undoubtedly useful for curing constipation. On top of that, amla has anti-inflammatory properties. The benefits of amla powder include curing hyperacidity as well as stomach ulcers.

Works as a natural hair straightener

Women long for straight and shining hair, and the desire for straight hair forces them to opt for harmful hair treatments like keratin treatments or rebonding. These treatments might make your hair look straight and shiny; however, it makes hair dry and brittle, resulting in hair fall after a certain time. Due to this reason, it is always a good idea to use natural methods. Amla acts as a natural hair straightener.

All you have to do is make a paste or extract juice from it and apply it all over your hair. Leave it for drying for about thirty minutes and rinse it with lukewarm water. Not only the amla juice will leave your hair straight it will also make it stronger.

Keeps hair related problems under control

Increasing pollution levels and poor lifestyle habits increase hair related issues. From hair fall, rough hair, to premature greying, the list is never-ending. These issues start appearing from the teenage phase and continue until your adult phase.

In case you are facing hair fall problems, you should focus on the benefits of amla for hair. It prevents dandruff, premature greying, rough hair, etc. If you are not comfortable with eating amla, you can also apply amla juice to your hair.

Helps in treating skin pigmentation

Drinking amla fruit or juice helps in cleansing your skin and treats skin pigmentation. Either you can apply amla juice to your skin include amla in your daily diet. Once the juice dries up, you have to remove it using cotton pads. Practicing will help in lightening skin marks and even reduce skin pigmentation.

Helps in removing dead skin cells

Skin rejuvenation is compulsory since it helps in adding a layer of brightness to your skin. After all, who do not want their skin to glow? Besides, clear and flawless skin helps to boost your self-confidence.

Apart from that, one of the benefits of amla for the skin is that it cleanses it well. It works whether you are consuming or applying amla paste on your skin. Not only will it help in removing dead cells but also promote anti-aging properties. Thus, you can understand that if you want glowing skin, make sure to consume amla.

Easy ways of consuming amla

By now, you might have understood that Indian gooseberries are filled with some outstanding properties. Rich in vitamin C, calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B complex, amla is undoubtedly necessary antioxidant-rich food promoting overall immunity to your body.

However, there are some amazing and easy ways of including amla in your daily diet. Let us check out some of the ways by which you can add amla to your diet.


  • Chop and eat with plain salt

It is one of the easiest and great ways of adding amla to your diet. All you have to do is slash amla into small pieces. Sprinkle plan salt on it, give it a toss, and you can consume it as it is.


  • Boil amla with salt and turmeric

If you find it difficult to consume amla normally with salt, this recipe is a great idea. All you have to do is slice amla. Sprinkle turmeric and salt, and let it boil until it is becoming soft. Alternatively, if you want to be crunchy, then make sure to turn off the stove once the water starts boiling. After that, make sure to remove the water and break the wedges.


  • Dry in sun

Dried amla tastes great too, only if you know how to make it. Make sure that you are slicing the amla properly. Thinner slices will dry quickly, and if you want, you can either keep the seeds or throw them away.

Add lemon juice and salt for extra taste. Spread the amla on a large plate and let it dry under the sun for a few days. Do not heap the slices; otherwise, they will not dry properly.


  • Extract juice

For this, you will need four to five amla, chopped roughly, crushed amla, and powdered star anise. Mix everything, add one and half cup water in the mixer and blend it until it is smooth. Make sure to discard the pulp. If you want, you can add honey or drink it as it is.


  • Try amla chutney

Amla chutney is yet another one of the best ways by which you can include amla in your diet. For this, you will have to slice two to three amla, add half-cup mint, coriander, half onion, three to four garlic, half-cup yogurt salt to taste, and some roasted peanuts. If you want. You can add other ingredients to make it tasty. Blend everything until it becomes a smooth paste.

Hence, amla is an essential fruit that you must include in your diet since it comes with some outstanding benefits. Considering the benefits as mentioned earlier, you must always add amla for overall health improvement.

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