Bad lifestyle choices and their subsequent health hazards

 Bad lifestyle choices and their subsequent health hazards

People make different lifestyle choices without knowing that they can one day cause serious health problems. The negative lifestyle choices might be addictive in nature, and you may do them for fun. However, the side effects that they have been, most of the time, irreversible.

  1. Having dinner out regularly or more frequently: Eating out every night is one of the most common causes of an unhealthy lifestyle and the subsequent health problems. Though this activity may seem fun with friends after having a long day at work. It can equally be a disappointment for the condition of your heart.  The food we eat affects directly to our heart and the overall health of the body.


The unhealthy food choice we make every day and the amount of food we consume carelessly in the mood of enjoyment can be deadly in the long run of our lives' health. The food we eat straight away affects our weight. Also, the body's cholesterol level, blood pressure, and increases the risk factors and complications associated with any other existing illness.


One can go out for dinner once and adhere to some limits and self-control regarding the food choices and amount consumed.  Some ways to maintain a healthy dine out the night:

  • Control the number of unhealthy toppings such as cheese, sauce, or dressings in your dish by asking it to provide separately
  • Share your meal with a friend who will naturally reduce the consumption
  • Try to avoid having bread or a cocktail at dinner. These are the storehouse of calories, fat, sugar, and sodium
  • Look out for substitutes in your meal like salad or fruits in the place of salad or desert
  • Choose a restaurant with healthy nutritional valued food options

One can enjoy a dinner night out, but it is also important to check one regarding their diet and the amount of unhealthy food consumed. Try to limit cravings as these little temporary enjoyments are slowly affecting your heart and overall health due to your carelessness.

  1. Not being active through exercises: In this modern lifestyle, technology has made things more easy and comfortable. We get things all ready-made and in no time. This has reduced the physical effort we used to do specific work making people lazy and lethargic. Indeed, this is one of the worst lifestyle factors that can affect health.

Exercising is of utmost importance for keeping the body fit and at work. Even if the busy schedule is not making space for exercise, take that as a challenge and make sure to add movement to your routine.  A minimum of 20 mins of your day should be invested in moderate-intensity activities such as walking, cycling, or playing tennis.  It can help maintain a healthy weight by lowering cholesterol and reducing blood pressure. Apart from that, it also makes heart muscles more robust, ensuring that it pumps blood more effectively. 

Try to be consistent in your exercises by making it a fun activity to do. Only regularity can make exercise a part of your daily routine and return, affect your overall health and lifestyle positively. 

Some simple activities, which is an alternative to a full-fledges exercise or which, when adding up to your exercise routine, can bring a positive change to your health is:

  • Taking the stairs instead of the lift
  • Asking a walking partner to join you in your daily workout chores
  • Getting engaged in a soft sport such as tennis or volleyball
  • Joining a gym with group fitness classes
  • Joining a club that is associated with working out or other fun physical activities
  • Try walking short distances in the place of driving or taking unnecessary help of transportations
  • Make some time for long refreshing walks with a friend, partner, or your pet.

Not having any activity in your daily life can lead to obesity, depression or anxiety, osteoporosis, metabolic syndrome, increased cholesterol and blood pressure, stroke or heart attack, type 2 diabetes, and cancer risk.


  1. Smoking: Being one of the most common reasons for one-third of the overall death.  It is one of the significant causes of acute heart disease.  One cigarette can induce over 5000 chemicals in the body, including carbon monoxide, which can reduce the blood's oxygen content, which causes heart damage. It increases the risk of heart diseases by elevating the cholesterol level in the arteries.


Vaping being an alternative to smoking cigarettes is not a healthy alternative as smokers think it to be.  Smoking an e-cigarette is injurious to health. One exposes oneself to the side effects of nicotine, metals, toxins, and other contaminants that are harmful to health.  It is an excellent discussion to quit smoking to avoid risks and complications of a heart attack or to recover from a heart illness. Smoking causes:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Immune system disorder
  • The risk for certain eye diseases and tuberculosis
  • Cancer
  • Lungs disease
  • Stroke or heart attack
  • Heart diseases
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary artery diseases
  • Chronic bronchitis and emphysema
  • Children who are the victims of passive smoking are affected with sudden infant death syndrome, slowed lung growth, severe asthma, symptoms related to respiratory, middle ear disease, acute respiratory illness

Quitting smoking can reduce the risk of dying from lung cancer, cancer risk in the mouth, throat, esophagus, and bladder. According to a recent report, about 20% of the total world population is affected by smoking.

  1. Sleepless: One of the negative lifestyle factors is not having an adequate amount of sleep. One suffering from a sleepless night can be terrific. Sleeping disorders are caused by stressful work, mental pressure regarding finance, stressful life events, and personal issues with loved ones, keeping your mind active at night. According to doctors, one needs to have 8 hours of sleep. How many may wonder why it's so important.
  • Sleep does not only give you rest but recharge your whole body. To start a new day, you need a night of proper sleep.
  • Heals your body. It may sound absurd, but while sleeping at night, you give your body to get the cure and rejuvenate.
  • Adequate sleep is equal to a better mood. A fresh start having the right attitude is necessary, which can be achieved by having a rest.
  • It's healthy for your heart. Having a fair amount of sleep is necessary for your poor heart, which takes so much stress.
  • Many few know that improper sleep can have effects on weight gain. 


So it's better to put all your stress aside and have a proper sleep as much as your body needs to recharge.


  1. Drinking alcohol: This is one of the most unhealthy lifestyle habits. And when you drink alcohol regularly, it's too dangerous.


Some of the bad effects of lifestyle on health in this concern are:


  • Slurred speech: One of the first symptoms of excessive consumption of alcohol is slurred speech.
  • Lung infection: People drinking frequently are invaded more by bacteria and viruses.
  • Affect blood: Intake of alcohol increases HDL, decreases thrombosis, reduces fibrinogen, reduces artery spasm from stress in blood.
  • Heart damage: One of the leading causes of chronic heart disease is alcohol. 
  • Affecting the liver: Intake of alcohol affect the liver by not letting the removal of harmful substances from the body
  • Infertility: Regular intake of alcohol causes infertility both in women and men.
  • Sexual dysfunction: Men drinking excessive alcohol are most likely to experience erectile dysfunction.
  • Diabetic: Alcohol consumption can increase the level of sugar in the blood.


For having a good lifestyle and betterment of health, you need to opt-out alcohol from your daily life. It may not be easy for the 1st few days, but you can try your best and take help from a rehab center. According to a report, 76% of people lost their life due to intaking alcohol.


  1. Not drinking enough water: Our body is composed of 60 % of water. So the intake of a fair amount of water is too much for your body. Not only for a good lifestyle but also to sustain life, water is needed. There are so many reasons for hydrating your body.
  • The balance of body fluids is maintained by drinking water. These fluid body functions include digestion, circulation, secretion of saliva, transportation of nutrients, absorption, and body temperature
  • Drinking water helps in removing dead cells from your body. The intake of water helps in flourishing all unwanted matter. Thus it serves a vital part in the human lifestyle
  • Dehydration leads to a lower Energy level in the body as the fluid level is unbalanced
  • Dehydration leads to a slower metabolism. Intake of 2 glasses of water increases metabolism by 30%
  • Our brain, too, needs water. Thus while getting dehydrated, one may face headaches and fatigue
  • Consumption of less water may affect your body health, such as dull skin, which makes skin dry and the formation of wrinkles; the kidney gets affected and many more physical effects


If you don't drink enough water, you will feel the effects of hydration pretty quickly. The intake of water is too essential as the intake of good food.


It is imperative to cut down all the bad habits from life and lead a healthy life. An unhealthy lifestyle can cost you your life. You might have fun because of such practices, or sometimes situations become such that you cannot cut down such things from life, but always try your best to lead a healthy life.

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