Aloe Vera for Health- The Good, the Bad, and Everything in Between

Aloe Vera for Health- The Good, the Bad, and Everything in Between

Well, everyone is aware of the blessing which aloe vera has brought to life. Yes, both topical aloe vera gel comes with personal benefits. While topical solutions help fight acne and hair issues, oral consumptions help prevent many diseases like diabetes, prevent cancer, etc.

When you first think of aloe vera gel, the first thing that strikes your mind is healing sunburns and reducing inflammation. This nutrient-rich succulent plant is filled with all the goodness that can treat uncountable skin and health conditions.

However, it is necessary to understand that too much of anything can be a boon. For example, people suffering from pre-existing health conditions like diabetes, heart issues should limit their aloe vera consumption.

Here are some of the significant benefits and threats of using aloe vera juice daily for your health.

Keeps illness away

Aloe Vera contains high antioxidant levels, which are essential for your body these days. It helps in fighting with free radicals that aids in cellular damage in your body. The cell damage eventually leads to cancerous cell growth.

Due to this reason, health experts these days recommend taking aloe vera due to its ability to fight cancerous cells. Aloe Vera neutralizes the cells from exacerbating. Thus, you can understand that apart from a beauty regimen, aloe vera is good for health.

Aloe Vera contains various active ingredients that are useful in different stages of health. The best way to add aloe vera to your diet is by consuming juices. Yes, many ayurvedic stores near me sell aloe vera juices that are incredibly beneficial for your health.

It helps in better digestion

You might have heard that aloe vera is a blessing for skin and hair, but also it is a blessing for your health. Aloe Vera contains few specific enzymes that aids in better digestion. The enzymes are powerful enough as it helps in breaking down sugar and fat.

All these things ultimately help in digestion and nutrient absorption by your body. Some of the common enzymes that aloe vera juice contains are lipases as well as proteases. These enzymes help with digestion.

Hence, if you suffer from poor digestion or nutrient absorption issues, then you can add amla aloe vera juice to your daily health regimen.

Prevents acne

Aloe Vera is filled with essential minerals. Amongst them, one of the most useful ones is zinc. Often found in many natural vitamins as well as skincare products, zinc is best for removing blemishes.

Many dermatologists recommend applying aloe vera gel topically as well as oral consumption to deal with acne. Zinc is useful as it helps control excess sebum, which is the active solution for managing acne.

Besides, it also helps in reversing the damaged skin that often occurs around active acne. Various researches suggest that acne occurs due to consuming foods lacking enough zinc. Multivitamins and zinc tablets are also a good source of meeting your daily zinc goal.

Promotes glowing skin

You might have heard the benefits and wonders of mineral makeup. However, you would be surprised to know that aloe vera contains the ten most essential minerals for your skin. Besides, it is also affordable than mineral makeup.

Some of the typical minerals that aloe vera contains are calcium, chromium, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, etc. Most ancient Ayurveda books include the blessings of aloe vera for your skin.

Therefore, instead of using harmful chemical makeup, switching them for using mineral-based makeup is best. Using aloe vera gel before going to bed will leave your skin glowing and fresh.

Minimizes pain

Aloe Vera has soothing properties, which means it can ease any discomfort or even pain. It contains a wide range of proteins, and amongst them, one that helps reduce pain is the kinase.

Kinase is beneficial as it minimizes inflammation. Thus, applying aloe vera gel directly to your skin helps in controlling pain. Apart from that, it contains other enzymes as well that remove the dead tissue from your wounds.

Thus, you can expect to get better skin and leaving your skin free from any dead cells. Continuously applying aloe vera gel on your wound will help ease the burning sensation and inflammation.

Works as an anti-carcinogen

Besides helping with healing wounds, lowering pain, and promoting clear skin, aloe vera helps prevent cancer-causing cells. Many researchers have found that aloe vera is an excellent plant that helps in avoiding cancerous tumours.

Hence, it is always a good idea to invest in aloe vera juice buy. It also helps in preventing lung cancer that occurs due to excessive smoking. Even though it is still not proven but yes, adding aloe vera juice is undoubtedly useful in fighting cancerous cells.

Moreover, aloe vera gel is effective in preventing pulmonary carcinogenesis. Consuming aloe vera juice is useful in preventing colon cancer as well as stomach cancer.

Controls blood sugar levels

Diabetes is one of the common disorders that occurs due to low carbohydrate metabolism and less insulin secretion. However, the treatments, causes, and symptoms are different and have to be carefully distinguished.

Many ancient ayurvedic books contain information regarding aloe vera juice and its usefulness in reducing diabetic symptoms. The concentrated juices help in controlling sugar cravings, which is an integral part of diabetes control management.

One of the common symptoms of diabetes is decreased wound healing. Since aloe vera gel contains huge inflammation reduction properties, applying aloe vera gel or consuming it helps in quick relief from inflammation.

Promotes hair growth

Beauty secrets always thank the benefits of aloe vera not just for improving skin texture but also helps in improving hair texture too. Aloe helps in activating hair follicles that lead to hair growth.

Aloe Vera helps with increasing blood circulation levels in the scalp that induces hair growth. The reason behind this is the gel contains hair growth enzymes that help with hair thickness and development in many.

Apart from that, it also helps in cleaning your scalp by maintaining the pH level. After all, if your scalp remains clean and blood circulation occurs, it will help keep your hair gorgeous and scalp healthy.

Many Ayurvedic stores near me sell aloe vera gel; you can either apply it to your skin or consume it for the best results.

Provides essential amino acids

If you are not aware of it, then the human body requires twenty different amino acids necessary for staying healthy. Although our body produces twelve essential amino acids, others have to be taken with either foods or drinks.

Luckily, aloe vera contains all the eight essential amino acids. Hence, it is best to invest in good quality amla aloe vera juice to fulfil the eight essential amino acids' quota for your body.

Side effects of Aloe Vera

Everything has both positive as well as negative sides to it. Thus, you cannot expect that aloe vera will not have any downside of it. Besides, excessive anything is not suitable for your health.

Aloe vera is an acceptable ingredient for controlling, preventing, and curing various health issues. However, it is necessary to use it in a limited quantity. Topical aloe vera gel is safe for use.

Even if you face side effects, it will be mild skin irritation as well as redness. People who develop allergies due to onion, garlic, or tulip can face reactions to aloe vera. The only thing that you have to keep in mind that aloe vera juice is not the right solution for treating burns.

Cons of taking oral aloe vera

There are uncountable concerns when it comes to the long-term safety of using aloe vera gel. Continuous consumption of aloe vera gel leads to a laxative effect on your body. Hence, you will have to suffer from diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, as well as low potassium levels.

Dropped potassium levels lead to muscle weakness, irregular heartbeat, fatigue, etc. Besides, the long-term effects of consuming aloe vera gel can lead to permanent kidney damage too.

Also, decolourized aloe vera gel is believed to have a low cancer risk; however, the researchers have not confirmed it yet. Therefore, to be on the safe side and avoid consuming aloe vera gel, especially if you have heart disease, electrolyte imbalance, intestinal problems, etc.

Drug interactions

Aloe Vera is quite risky since it can cause drug interactions if you consume it. The concentrated gel can prevent the action of co-administered drugs. Besides, it also enhances the side effects of medicines leading to the worst health conditions.

Amongst others, the one, which is expected, is to deplete the potassium levels in your body. Hence, if you are taking other medications, it is best to ask your doctor before consuming aloe vera gel. 

For example, if you are taking medicines or supplements for diabetes (insulin), heart rhythm medications, liquorice root, laxatives, consult your doctor before consuming aloe vera gel.

Therefore, you can understand that aloe vera gel has both good and bad sides; still, the benefits overrule the side effects. Due to this reason, before adding aloe vera gel, make sure to consult with your doctor, especially if you have a pre-existing health condition.  Overall, aloe vera can no doubt be the best addition to work on your health conditions.

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