12 factors that increase stress

12 factors that increase stress

Stress in normal these days since growing age brings many responsibilities as well as duties. Although stress can sometimes turn out to be useful as it provides motivation, it can harm you somehow.

Indeed, if you fail to handle stress levels and become permanent in your life, it will harm your health.

In the U.S., 73% and 77% of the people saw an adverse effect of stress on their mental health and physical health, respectively.

Various factors are responsible for causing too much stress. It is best if you never allow stress levels to interfere with your professional or personal life.

When someone wonders about what is stress and what causes it, the factors mentioned below are worth mentioning.

  • Lack of time

    Time is no doubt precious. Just like, it is important for your work, it is important for yourself too. If your job forces you to run around throughout the day, it will certainly cause stress. Similarly, if you have to run around in your house throughout the day, it will affect your mental health as well.

    On top of that, if you fail to tick off all your work from your list, then it will no doubt cause trouble. The reason behind this is due to the unrealistic demands that are thrust upon you.

    Hence, lack of time to yourself, at least for rest, is important; otherwise, it will soon turn into stress. Time management is necessary if you want to avoid stress.

    • Poor lifestyle habits

    Unhealthy lifestyle and making it a priority is yet another one of the major factors of stress. This happens due to lack of time. For example, switching to fast food due to not having enough time for eating.

    Another major lifestyle habit that people choose is not indulging in any physical activities. You might feel that tired due to mental stress; however, working out might make you feel energized.

    Smoking is yet another poor lifestyle habit that leads to stress. Turning to smoke to avoid stress is one of the worst things you can do. No matter how much stress you face, a poor lifestyle will only lead to poor health.

    • Putting too much self-pressure

    Most people tend to overthink and take too much pressure both at work as well as at home. According to a report, 80% of people globally stated work as the main reason for their stress.

    Probably, this happens due to the fear of letting others down. Practicing this habit for long will only lead to stress.

    It is important to learn about your limitations. Putting too much pressure or meeting others' expectations will put too much stress on your mind and your body. You should be honest about your boundaries.

    This will help you stay relaxed and avoid failing to meet every expectation of others'. Moreover, you will be able to focus on yourself and do what is necessary.

    • Home and workplace conflicts

    If you have to deal with strained relationships both at your work and at home, you are dealing with stress. Yes, you might not find symptoms of stress, but you will eventually end up mentally tired.

    There can be various reasons behind conflicts—for example, disagreements, meeting goals, personal reasons, etc. Besides, you might feel about fighting against the odds; but, you will only end up taking stress.

    Although it is impossible to avoid workplace and at-home conflicts, you can avoid conflicts as an effective solution. Instead of taking on an argumentative approach, it is better to come up with a solution calmly.

    It will help you to avoid putting too much stress on yourself. On top of that, employers or co-workers will not target you in the office, which is useful.

    • Incapable of accepting things the way they are

    It is important to understand that many are incapable of accepting situations or things as it is. If you follow the same way, then you must be accustomed to such a situation.

    You will obviously try to change the situation or someone who is unchangeable. However, you will face problems from doing so. It will create unnecessary pressure and will create too much stress on you.

    On top of that, stress means you will not be able to focus on other things. In the end, you will find that you wasted your time. Hence, it is best to accept someone or anything the way it is.

    Work on finding out the positive things from the person or the situation. It will help you to avoid taking unnecessary stress. Moreover, you will be able to focus on your work.

    • Worrying about your health

    Although it is necessary to take care of your health; however, taking too much pressure on your own health will create stress. Apart from that, worrying too much about your near one's health causes stress.

    Experiencing illness, worrying about medical bills, etc., will only cause many stress types in the present and the future. Stress due to health issues will lead to problems, and your body will react.

    General Adaptation Syndrome leads to harmful physical effects on your body, leading to energy depletion. It is better to consult a doctor if you face any health issues instead of stressing your health.

    1. Financial pressure and worries

    Even if there is no recession, financial worries are something that worries almost everyone. Hence, financial worries are something that can once again cause too much stress. Moreover, it can cause a burden for your close ones.

    Increasing electricity bills, loans, credit card bills, and other things will never let you live comfortably. On top of that, if you notice that your close ones are doing fine with a great job, you will start overthinking.

    Thus, it is better to consult with someone regarding your financial pressure and ask him or her for help. It will help you to avoid financial worries and stress. Besides, you must also learn about better money management.

    • Cohabiting in relationships

    The happiest relationships have to deal with stress, and both parties have to deal with it. Cohabiting is a common practice these days, and it can lead to a host of problems. You and your partner will feel suffocated while adapting to the habits of the other person.

    With time, these demands will ultimately affect your relationship. As a result, intense arguments and stressful situations are common to come up. These things ultimately lead to break-ups or even separation.

    It is important to understand that compromise is necessary for relationships to work. This practice is important if you want to reduce relationship stress. Over time, this practice will shift focus from arguments.

    Besides, it is important to be honest towards each other and respecting each other's feelings. If you want to cohabit, it is important to adjust and compromise.

    • Sudden life changes

    Life changes are invincible and unpredictable. For example, shifting home, heartbreaks, separation, all these things lead to unnecessary stress. Thus, professionals classify this as one of the main sources of stress in psychology.

    Moreover, any situation that requires change needs time for adapting.

    Apart from that, starting a new job or a new family also requires time for adjusting. If you fail to adjust, it will automatically create unwanted pressure in your mind. Overall, adapting to any new life-changing decisions will automatically create pressure.

    Hence, the best way out is to give yourself time so that it becomes easy for you to adapt to the sudden changes.

    • Too much competition

    Even though too much stress comes with never-ending drawbacks, no one seems to give importance to it. It is common to face tight deadlines for completing your work. Apart from that, you will face pressure on meeting company goals.

    Thus, the best way to avoid taking too much stress is by starting with your work long back before the deadline. Not only will it help you to complete your work on time but also you can avoid too much stress.

    • Societal pressure

    Yes, it might seem baseless, but almost everyone faces the problem of excessive pressure to succeed. From reaching your goals to making a desirable body image, you have to deal with many things. All these create societal pressure, which in turn leads to stress.

    Besides, people having eating disorders also deal with the societal pressure of maintaining a self-image. Even though societal pressure is unrealistic, many still believe in it. However, if you want to avoid stress due to society, it is best to not let others judge your lifestyle or choices.

    • Harassment

    Harassment is a common scenario these days and is one of the most common causes of stress in students. This is a problem in many workplaces as well. Not only just women, but men also are victims of this. People face problems daily, and not everyone can cope with the effects of harassment.

    Students who face harassment daily at schools and colleges have to deal with it without realizing the after-effects. As a result, performance at work degrades, and students have to deal with poor academic results.

    Facing this for years leads to mental stress and anger issues. Due to this reason, it is best to opt for counseling. Anger management and counseling effectively help in decreasing harassment effects in both adults as well as teenagers.

    All in all, many factors are there that contribute to stress. However, it is important to deal with it carefully without losing calm. These factors cause excessive stress in daily life.

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