12 ayurvedic dava to add to your diet when you are trying to lose weight

12 ayurvedic dava to add to your diet when you are trying to lose weight

The popularity of ayurvedic dava is increasing in this modern lifestyle, where inorganic medicine is ruling the market with its side effects.  According to the history of Ayurveda, whatever we eat affects the energy system of the body, contributing to the metabolism and its result. 

The few ayurvedic herbs and remedies have only been tested and researched in the labs out of the several others used for a long time.  Ayurvedic recipes are not mandatory to pass through trials as it is done for clinical drugs and is considered a supplement for weight loss by the US food and drugs administration. According to studies, 80% of people have got benefits from Ayurvedic dava while losing weight.

  • Triphala

Other than proved as a great remedy for weight loss, it is also a very useful herb that helps control blood sugar level in patients with type 3 diabetes.  It combines three crucial Indian fruits: haritaki, bibhitaki (black myrobalan), and Amalaki (Indian gooseberry). It instigates the loss of weight in a person by rejecting impure toxins from the body, keeping the large and small intestine and stomach clean and in good health, and making the colon strong's tissues. It also decreases the excess water stored in the body, which helps with the water weight. 

You can consume Triphala water on an empty stomach, which can be soaked overnight.  You can also leave the mixture of cinnamon and Triphala powder overnight, then add honey to it before drinking it on an empty stomach in the morning.  You can take a Triphala tablet too before going to bed at night. Make Triphala tea by adding Triphala powder to boiling water and drinking it after mixing lime juice.  

  • Guggul

 Ayurvedic Dava containing guggul showed that it reduces skin fold and body margin thickness by controlling obesity.  A very high quality of guggul helps promote weight loss by reducing the appetite and influencing the breakdown of fat by diminishing fatty tissue level.  It has a constructive effect on hormones such as ghrelin and leptin, which are the hormones that control the urge of hunger. 

It is generally effective for weight loss if taken with Triphala or medohar.  It should be consumed 2-4gms with warm water for weight loss. It assists in many internal activities which support weight loss. Effects such as elevating lipid metabolism, increasing the responsiveness of thyroid, the formulation of the growth of new blood cells, and persuasion in diminishing the level of fat cells may promote weight loss. 

  • Vijaysagar or Kino tree

Extract from the Kino tree or Vijay Sagar reduces weight loss by ejecting undesirable toxins from the body, reducing appetite, and checks to overheat. It has the property to destroy negative doshas from the body and get rid of the abundant bodyweight quickly as it is the storehouse of flavonoids and alkaloids. Consuming this weight loss drink every morning without eating anything else before it helps in the effective reduction of weight.  The buildup of bad cholesterol or low-density lipoprotein in the body can be controlled by consuming the powder from the bark. This, in turn, helps in managing the metabolism and assists in sustaining a proper weight. 

In the history of Ayurveda, Vijay Sagar has been mentioned significantly as a well-known ayurvedic dava for weight loss along with many other health benefits. Leaves of the Kino trees can be chewed raw or applied on the tongue directly to decline the potentiality to taste sweet foods. It will help in restricting calorie intake through sweet food products, thereby managing and reducing weight. 

  • Kalonji

Black cumin or black seeds are usually known as kalonji. Ayurvedic products such as Nigella sativa seeds and oils have shown a positive effect of controlling weight loss among men and women suffering from obesity. Kalonji contains a photochemical called phytosterols, which is a very important compound that reduces weight. Modifying the work of certain genes responsible for weight loss and appetite increases the weight loss process rate with the help of active photochemical.  Some of the reason how including kalonji in your diet can be effective:

  1. Making a mixture of crushed kalonji, a spoon of honey, juice of half a lemon, and a glass of warm water.  Drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.
  2. Keep a bowl full of 8-10 kalonji in the sun for 1-2 days after squeezing lemon juice in it.  Take it 2-4 kalonji twice a day to reduce kilos.
  3. Take kalonji directly with water by swallowing some with warm water.  You can also soak 8-10 kalonji in water and leave it throughout the night. Drink the water by draining out the kalonji seed in the morning.

But having too many kalonji seeds in a day can give rise to digestive problems. So avoid taking it in abundance. 

  • Aloe Vera

It raises the metabolism rate by increasing the energy expenditure by elevating the loss of calories in the body, which will, in turn, support in losing the overall weight. It has the properties of an antiseptic that works as a curing herb. It does not allow the excess storage of water in the body, which causes water weight.  Besides this, it initiates digestion, increases the metabolism rate, and helps burn more calories. 

One can swallow the pulp of aloe Vera leaves or can consume it with lukewarm water.  The taste of this weight loss drink is bitter and uncomfortable initially, so one can easily afford aloe Vera gel from the market, which can be consumed 20-30ml per day twice. 

  • Zeera

It reduces belly fat by advancing digestion and escalating the basal metabolic rate.  It helps in advancing the cell responsiveness towards insulin and helps in getting rid of free radicals as it contains thymoquinone. Besides reducing belly fat, it also helps manage blood sugar level; diminish swelling and inflammation because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

For the best weight loss result, you can use jeera as:

  1. Drink the water-soaked with cumin seeds and add lemon juice early in the morning on an empty stomach.  The cumin seed must be soaked overnight and strained before drinking the water. 
  2. Ayurvedic doctors highly recommend Unani medicines for weight loss, such as jawarish kumuni, made of cumin seeds.  They also prescribe ayurvedic dava like Arq Ajwain, Arq kasni, and Arq makoh to gain positive weight loss results. 
  • Garcinia cambogia

It is a promising ayurvedic medicine in the form of fruit for losing kilos. It helps in extinguishing appetite because of a natural chemical known as hydroxycitric, found in Garcinia Cambogia. It slows down the body's capability to store fat along with reducing the desire to eat.  

It is available as capsules recommended to be taken 15 minutes before a meal twice a day. 

  • Lemon honey

The most easily affordable ingredients can help in attaining a perfectly shaped body if taken regularly. All you have to do is mix 1tbsp of honey and 2tbsp of lemon juice in one glass of lukewarm water which should be drunk on an empty stomach every morning.  This ayurvedic recipe will help detoxify your body and minimize the urge to eat more than needed by the body. 

  • Ginger garlic, and lemon

Ginger, garlic, and lemon are some of the most effective ayurvedic dava for weight loss and curing blockage in the heart, fatty liver, increased cholesterol, and sinus.  The burden of increased weight can be managed by boiling the mixture of the three ingredients by making a paste of garlic, ginger, and lemon. Boil in such a way that the water gets reduced to half.  To attain the best result, consume this water daily for three times a day. 

  • Horse gram

Horse gram is ideal for weight loss, that one can observe the transformation after eating boiled horse gram for 45 days regularly. One can easily benefit from horse gram by eating soaked horse gram every morning by adding chopped onion, tomatoes, and salt for its taste. For the best result, one can drink a glass of buttermilk before eating horse gram. 

  • Cabbage

Cabbage in diet accompanied with proper exercise can give the desired result quickly as it helps speed up the burning of the fat in the body. Consuming raw cabbage salad is extremely beneficial to weight loss. Replacing unhealthy evening snacks and fast foods with cabbage is also good for people opting for a speedy weight loss. 

  • Ajwain

It normalizes any metabolic abnormalities and keeps the stomach healthy. It ejects out extra radicals from the body because of anti-toxicants in Ajwain, which is very effective in weight loss. 

Boil two water glasses with 2tsp of Ajwain and let it reduce to half before drinking in the night and the morning on an empty stomach.  It is one of the best weight loss drinks recommended by ayurvedic doctors. 


Taking in ayurvedic dava alone cannot assist in losing weight. One has to maintain good habits, like- sleep well, exercise, drinking lemon water the first thing in the morning, taking the heaviest meal during the day and not during the night as it leads to obesity, and lastly practising a slow and calm state of mind while eating. Not all ayurvedic dava has been researched thoroughly; thus, if any side effects occur, which is rare, consult an ayurvedic doctor.  The history of Ayurveda says that ayurvedic is comprehensive, and it aims at preventing the disease from happening rather than curing it. 


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