10 Reasons Why You Should Use Aloe Vera as an Ayurvedic Ilaj for Your Skin

10 Reasons Why You Should Use Aloe Vera as an Ayurvedic Ilaj for Your Skin

Can you believe that a white slippery gel can solve thousands of skin problems? Yes, we are talking about perennial succulent aloe vera gel. For years, people have been using aloe vera gel for solving health issues.

Aloe vera is a common ingredient for various herbal concoctions, cosmetics, as well as medicines. The gel is the powerhouse of uncountable vitamins, minerals as well as other phytonutrients. Although the main constituent of aloe vera gel is water, it contains minerals.

The gel helps rejuvenate skin and hydrates it so that your skin looks glowing and radiant for long. Dermatologists also recommend applying aloe vera gel, especially if you have skin diseases like eczema, wounds, and cuts.

It not only helps in removing dead skin cells but also helps in building new cells as well. Many Ayurvedic books for skin these days recommend applying aloe vera gel daily. It contains antioxidants, antifungal as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

Either you can consume aloe vera juice orally, or you can apply it to your skin. Including it in your daily skin regimen will help improve your skin texture and prevent acne or pimples. Here are some of the reasons you should keep in mind about aloe vera gel: it works as an Ayurvedic ilaj for your skin.

Aids in soothing sunburn

Aloe Vera comes with soothing properties as well as anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, you can understand that applying aloe vera gel to the affected area will reduce redness and inflammation.

Applying a thick layer of aloe vera gel works as a protective layer for your skin and helps retain moisture. Besides, aloe vera is high in antioxidants and minerals, useful in starting the healing process.

For years, aloe vera has been used as an effective Ayurvedic ilaj not just for your skin but for your hair as well. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that applying concentrated aloe vera gel is not good.

Therefore, you can apply the aloe vera gel available in the market. These do have concentrated minerals that might harm the affected area.

Moisturizes your skin

Whether you have oily skin or dry skin, moisturizing your skin is essential since it maintains your skin health. Aloe Vera is rich is soothing as well as moisturizing properties. Unlike the chemical creams available at the market, aloe vera is comparatively safe.

When used as a moisturizer, aloe vera gel does not leave any greasy film on your face. Due to its quick absorption capabilities, aloe vera has become a favourite for many as a moisturizer.

It helps in opening your skin pores, thus leaving your skin soft. You can buy Patanjali cosmetics, especially the aloe vera range and use it as a moisturizer. Apart from a moisturizer, aloe vera gel is also safe to use as an after-shave treatment.

Aloe vera imparts enough hydration to your skin and even works to heal razor bumps as well nicks and cuts. Hence, instead of using after-shave lotion, it is safe to use aloe vera gel. After-shave lotion contains alcohol that might irritate your skin.

Helps in healing wounds

Due to its extraordinarily healing and soothing properties, aloe vera is highly beneficial for treating burns, cuts or other significant injuries. It not only helps in speeds up the healing process but also prevents infection.

Although it is not recommended to use concentrated aloe vera gel, you can use the market's gels. Both first degrees, as well as second-degree burns, can be treated using aloe vera gel.

Many Ayurveda books for skin recommend using aloe vera gel for treating burns, inflammations, as well as other skin issues. Since it helps speed up the skin cell reproduction process, many consider aloe vera gel safe to use for treating burns.

Improves skin ageing

Skin ageing is a common phenomenon, and it is inevitable. With time, your skin loses elasticity, and as a result, fine line and wrinkles start appearing. Aloe Vera gel contains vitamin C, E as well as beta-carotene.

These are useful as it contains anti-ageing properties. Besides, aloe vera gel also contains antimicrobial properties and anti-inflammatory properties. Even if you have skin blemishes, aloe vera gel is useful in eradicating those as well.

Fine lines, as well as wrinkles, are easy to remove using aloe vera gel. However, it is necessary to keep in mind to use good quality aloe vera gel available in the market. Also, make sure not to use concentrated gels directly on your skin.

Alternatively, if you want, you can also use aloe vera juice buy as it is useful too in treating signs of ageing as well as fine lines and blemishes.

Works in reducing pimple and acne

Acne and pimple are common skin issues, which almost every suffers, either due to low skin routine, unhealthy lifestyle or hormonal changes. However, along with correct food habits and a healthy skin routine having aloe vera products will impart acne-free skin.

Aloe vera has antiseptic properties, and without causing any damage, it improves your skin texture. When dealing with a pimple, applying aloe vera gel will prevent bacterial growth and even remove the acne marks.

The gel is rich in polysaccharides and gibberellins that promote cell growth, minimizes inflammation and redness. Besides, Ayurveda books for skin mention the goodness of aloe vera since it contains astringent properties that reduce pores.

Also, it helps in removing microbes and excess dirt and controls extra sebum control. As a result, you will get clear skin.

Reduce blemishes

Since aloe vera contains the power to increase skin cells' production and fights skin inflammation, you can use it as a natural treatment. Mixing aloe vera gel with other ingredients help in treating stretch marks as well as acne marks.

Considered as Ayurvedic ilaj, aloe vera is one of the best solutions for treating blemishes. If you want, mixing aloe vera gel with lemon juice helps remove freckles and lightens age spots. Besides, it is also considered the best home remedies for glowing skin.

Combats dark circles and puffiness

Aloe vera contains collagen-producing effects. Hence, you can understand that aloe vera helps in removing acne scars. For years, aloe vera gel has been used by people due to skin benefits. Not just, it helps in combatting dry skin, dark circles as well as puffiness.

Apart from lowering inflammation, aloe vera gel even helps in boosting new skin cells as well. Thus, you can understand that aloe vera gel is useful as it contains a salicylic acid in the plant whelps in getting rid of dead skin cells.

If your skin gets rid of dark circles and puffiness, your skin will look glowing as well as radiant. Make sure to include aloe vera gel in your daily skin regimen.

Helps in fighting hyperpigmentation

If you apply topically, then aloe vera gel can help in minimizing the hyperpigmentation signs. Dermatologists these days recommend using topical aloe vera gel since it contains tyrosinase that helps in fighting pigmentation.

Extreme sun exposure often leads to hyperpigmentation. Hence, if you want to avoid the signs of hyperpigmentation, it is best if you include aloe vera gel in your skincare routine.

Familiar aloe vera gel face packs

Here are some of the standard aloe vera gel for your skin that you can regularly use for your skin.

Aloe Vera and rose water- This face pack is useful for those who have hyperpigmentation marks. Rosewater works like an astringent, which helps in soothing your skin. Besides, it helps in the cell regeneration process, and aloe vera helps remove age spots, acne scars, and pigmentation marks.

Multani mitti and aloe vera gel- Known as the cosmetic clay, Multani mitti is useful s it helps clean your pores. It helps in absorbing excess oil as well as impurities. This face pack is best for almost every skin type.

Turmeric and aloe vera- If you want radiant and glowing skin, then this face pack is just the right option for you. Turmeric helps in improving your complexion and brightens your skin tone. Aloe vera contains antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory properties. Applying these two ingredients helps in treating various existing skin issues.

Banana and aloe vera gel- If you suffer from dry patches on your skin, then a banana and aloe vera gel mask can help you treat your skin. Banana helps in providing nourishment to your skin. It is because banana is filled with fat that helps in moisturizing your skin. Applying this for a few days will help in removing dry patches as well as flakiness.

Hence, you can understand that aloe vera gel is useful in many ways. Apart from your hair, aloe vera gel is helpful, as it will help keep your skin looking young and radiant for years.

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