10 natural herbs to build muscle and lose fat

10 natural herbs to build muscle and lose fat

In terms of healthy eating and healthy living, herbs are a major help. Indeed, these plant products contain many natural properties that aid the human body in different ways.

And, given that you would find a variety available, that makes it even more dependable.

After all, not all of the herbs would have the same amount of properties and nutrients. So, their effects on different body functions and the consequent benefits will differ too.

There are a lot of ways in which different types of herbs can help. As for those looking to get a fitter body, some specific herbs do the trick.

Why are natural herbs worth relying on for health benefits?

There are many reasons why natural herbs are good choices for improving health. Many natural herbs help with reducing inflammation and improving energy. Blood circulation, too, works well after one consumes a lot of the natural herb supplements.

The 2018 Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements by the CRN showed that 75% of US adults took herbal supplements for health benefits.

Besides the many medicinal gains, fitness enthusiasts get a lot of help from consuming such herbs. Not to mention, it helps them adopt healthier lifestyle habits too.

For example, studies show that adults who take herbal products for weight loss start to:

  • Exercise more
  • Follow a balanced diet
  • Not depend on tobacco and other such substances
  • Sleep better
  • Go for doctor's visit more regularly

So, you would notice further impacts when you try out the natural herbs to lose weight and gain muscle mass.

Types of herbs

Some particular natural herbs work wonders for weight loss efforts. They are mentioned hereafter.

  1. Cinnamon

Found in the barks of the Cinnamomum Genus trees, cinnamon is a favorite spice of many. The special thing about this in the food items is the beautiful aroma that it gives.

However, that is not all it is good for. Indeed, cinnamon holds a lot of health-related benefits too. And studies have shown that the spice contributes to weight loss efforts as well.

One of the main reasons why people gain weight is because of an increased appetite. They try to eat more and do not remember to stop when they have eaten enough.

In this concern, cinnamon is effective. It reduces hunger and appetite and later stabilizes the blood sugar levels too.

Some digestive enzymes reduce the speed of carbohydrate breakdown. Cinnamon counteracts this; it reduces the level of the enzymes themselves.

Other studies show that cinnamon contains a compound that shows the same signs of insulin injection. Overall, though, not many research pieces are available for its influence on weight specifically.

  1. Caralluma Fimbriata

This natural herb is an excellent choice to add to your diet for weight loss. In fact, it is used as a component in many pills for diets.

The main effect that it directly has on the human body is that it reduces the appetite. The way that it does so is that it increases the amount of serotonin in the body. Since this neurotransmitter directly affects the appetite, researchers believe that the herb helps with the consequent weight loss.

In one study, 33 people went under a 22-week trial. Those who had this herb lost 5.7 cm in waist circumference while the placebo participants lost 2.8 cm.

Other studies are also available that prove this theory.

  1. Ginseng

This particular herb is traditionally found in archives of Chinese medicine history. Indeed, this plant has many health advantages and is mainly found in China.

Some other cultures also used this in modern and traditional times, depending on the type of ginseng, though. Americans and Koreans use different varieties of the ginseng plant beside the Chinese.

The way it helps weight-conscious people is that it modifies fat formation and stops the absorption of fat. After that, it helps with weight loss.

Some studies can corroborate on ginseng's properties for weight loss. However, large-scale studies are not available now; so, the total use of ginseng for human fat loss is not completely clear.

One of the studies shows the effects of Korean ginseng in particular. The participants took ginseng over an eight-week-long period and twice per day. Afterward, the participants did notice a decrease in their body weight, and the composition of the gut microbiota also changed.

  1. Echinacea 

This herb is generally used for treating colds, and it greatly helps the user's immune system.

In terms of fitness efforts, though, the best advantage you would notice is increased endurance. Indeed, it helps strengthen the muscles and allows the person to do athletic work more efficiently.

Echinacea has other benefits, too, like the ability to improve the level of erythropoietin or EPO. This is important as it regulates the production of red blood cells.

As a result, the oxygen can move faster throughout the body and act faster, allowing one to have sufficient endurance.

  1. Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is also known as 'golden root' and is a popular adaptogen herb in the fitness community.

It has many good qualities, which is why it is a good plan to add it to your diet.

For one thing, this herb helps reduce the level of the stress hormone called cortisol. High cortisol levels would often lead to severe bodily harm later, so this control is essential.

Secondly, the golden root helps improve one's energy level and helps the brain work properly.

Many people in the fitness industry gain a lot of sustenance from consuming this herb, improving their performance. Those looking for supplements to reduce belly fat naturally, this works as well here as it does fighting depression.

  1. Ginger

This herb or spice is derived from the Zingiber officinale plant's rhizome portion. It has many uses for treating medical issues, and several studies attribute it as effective for weight loss. 

One of the studies conducted on 14 humans had them consuming ginger supplements. And it showed that the participants did lose belly bulge and body weight.

In another research, including 27 animal, human, and test-tube studies, ginger affected the metabolism levels.

Indeed, it raised the levels, and their fat started burning quicker. Plus, their appetite lessened too, and they absorbed less fat overall.

  1. Fenugreek

This is one of the commonly-used Indian herbs for weight loss, belonging to the legume family. The way it helps weight loss is simple; it works to control the users' appetite.

There are a lot of studies available that corroborate this.

In one small study, the participants used either placebo treatment or fenugreek seed extracts. In the experiment's outcome, those who took the latter got 17% less fat intake than others.

  1. Oregano

Are you wondering what spices help lose belly fat? Oregano is one such spice. Overall, it helps reduce fat in the overall body.

The perennial herb oregano is a taste and aroma-increasing spice used in many food preparations.

Admittedly, it is said that it helps with faster weight loss due to the compound carvacrol. However, there are not many human trials or other studies present that could confirm this theory.

As for the positive sides of carvacrol, it impacts certain proteins and genes that affect fat synthesis. In some studies, those who took these supplements noticed this influence.

  1. Ashwagandha

This herb is easily one of the most notable herbs that many people depend on for various reasons.

Indeed, many health supplements for men have ashwagandha in them. Instead of synthetic supplements, this is a better choice.

It helps with proper muscle growth in a natural manner and has other health benefits too.

For example, it improves testosterone levels and reduces cortisol stress levels. Both of these help with proper fitness care, as it gives a power boost to the user.

Plus, it increases cardiorespiratory functionality, muscle strength, and overall performance.

  1. Salab Punja

Salab Punja is an herb that is commonly popular in the Ayurveda and Unani herbal medicinal practices.

This is one of the endangered herb species globally, so getting it easily is very difficult. In fact, that is illegal too.

However, it does have benefits for muscle building besides its other primary actions. It helps handle the digestive system and also works to improve the functioning of the sex organs.

As for the fitness world, this herb increases testosterone levels and energy levels. Both of these are helpful during physical fitness activities and affect muscle mass too.

Safe usage of herbs for weight in the diet

Before you use these herbs for extreme weight loss, it is important to stress safe usage. Since most of this includes consuming the herbs in the food items or as a seasoning, that is necessary.

Indeed, the natural spices and herbs barely show any side effects and have dollops of health benefits.

Yet, when adding it to the food, make sure to add only a small amount. For most of these herb types, one tablespoon or 14 grams is enough for each day.

The recommended amount is the safest quantity, and taking more can give off adverse effects.

Also, many people who are taking medications or have health issues may have severe reactions. Certain herbs counterattack these effects. So, for the safest usage, discuss your herbal dosage plan with your doctor.

In case you notice any negative side effects or allergy signs, you should stop using the herbs. Discuss with your doctor about the symptoms. And then you would know if the herb you used is safe for you.


All in all, you can consume any of the herbs mentioned above, and they would help you with your fitness goals. Check with your doctor first, though, and also follow the main dosage guidelines they give. Overall, these would safely help with more than just weight loss.

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